Have you ever wanted to lead the crusade against a zombie plague? Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe a zombie apocalypse would be a heck of a lot better with you as the front-man or front-lady of the chaos? Well, now is your chance to prove your grit. Image Metrics announced today that Zombie Wars is currently available for the iPad, enabling users to import their very own face into the game and become the main star battling against the forces of the undead.

Image Metrics has never been known to support or supply their products for basic public consumer use. They offer up specialized facial recognition and animation middleware technology that's oftentimes used in games, movies, ads, etc. So they're stepping out from behind the corporate curtain to reach consumers directly. Robert Gehorsam, CEO of Image Metrics commented in the press release, saying...
"Zombie Wars is our first consumer application, a great story that also gives users the ability to create and share a fun experience that takes advantage of our avatar creation software,". "Combining PortableYou's rich feature set and ease-of-use with the iPad's functionality, Zombie Wars also shows off a publishing engine that gives users -- and other content creators -- the ability to create their own customized content with minimal effort or technical expertise."

This is another great step forward in centralizing amazing technological breakthroughs for a wider audience. I imagine a few indie devs will be quick to make use of the technology for an expanded vision of something like Zombie Wars. In the meantime you and your friends can experience the zombie outbreak using your very own faces and likenesses, as well as gawk at your awesomeness as images of you and your comrades are transformed into movie-style posters for Zombie Wars.

The software powering the project, PortableYou, is proprietary tech that can easily and conveniently transform photographs into digital gateways for creativity, allowing users to take static 2D photos and turn them into rotational 3D avatars. It's a feature that's been highly underutilized over the years, but I imagine it will see a lot more productivity given the rise of social and casual gaming.

You can pick up a copy of Zombie Wars right now from the App Store.

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