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Late, early, it doesn't really matter but there is a pretty cool eSports video community worth keeping an eye on, and it's Glacier TV, a live-esque YouTube channel that keeps track of the ever-growing iRacing eSports community. You can check out one of the latest live broadcasts to give you an idea of how the whole thing works (FYI: The race starts at the 20 minute mark).

We don't cover iRacing here on Gaming Blend all that much; it's a game that's truly niche for gearheads and hardcore racing simulation fans. However, the reason we're spotlighting Glacier TV's coverage of iRacing is that the production crew that regularly covers the virtual racing championships do so in a newb-friendly and TV-style manner, so it almost feels like you've just turned on the Speed Channel and engulfed yourself in a regular real-life race.

All the racers come from around the world, representing their country and maximizing their skill in the ultimate test against competitive gamers, each one vying to take home the season's championship.

Over the past year Glacier has really stepped up their production qualities, giving eSport viewers a nice pre-race setup before race, completely with live commentators, followed by a full showcase of a race that's about as close to real-life as we're going to get until Project CARS launches.

Take note, though, that surprisingly iRacing is no pushover title and the game rocks some extremely impressive graphics and real-life presentation style cameras, physics and damage. Very cool stuff. You can learn more about iRacing over on the official website. You can learn more about Glacier TV by visiting their official YouTube Channel. I can easily imagine this growing several-fold over the next couple of years.

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