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The team behind the rising iRacing online competitive race car simulator have let loose a new trailer for their Gen-6 additions of the Ford and Chevy NASCAR. The trailer focuses on the age-old rivalry between these two car makers, giving gamers a little bit of something extra to look forward to while playing the game.

The iRacing artist Brian Simpson commented about the Gen-6 cars, saying...
“It’s a challenge to build a (digital version) of a car while the teams are building – and developing — the real car,”... “NASCAR and the teams tried to be helpful, but on numerous occasions they told us ‘Sure, you can see this (part), but by next week it’ll be changed.’”

“We are one of the first, if not the only, NASCAR-licensed sims to include track-specific items like different shark fin and spoiler configurations, grill tape layouts, and so on,”.... “For the Phoenix race, for example, NASCAR took the roof cameras off the cars because they found it gave the lead car an advantage. So it’s an ongoing process . . .”

Interesting stuff right there.

The competitive racing genre has been really picking it up lately, especially with games like Project CARS and Assetto Corsa on the horizon. iRacing is currently available and making it convenient for hardcore racing fans to get in on the action and enjoy their favorite pastime in a virtual environment.

With the addition of the Gen-6 Ford and Chevy cars – based as close on their real-life counterparts as technically possible – it looks as if iRacing is in it for the long haul. Perhaps a greater expanse on cars and race types might easily make it the destination racing circuit for online gaming. It definitely gives all those other NASCAR titles out there a run for their money.

You can learn more about iRacing and the competitive racing community by visiting the Official Website.

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