If you’re already played Myst, chances are pretty good that you’re willing to dive back into the award-winning experience yet again, this time afforded the chance to explore the mysterious, puzzle-filled island in realtime. If you haven’t played Myst, chances are pretty good that you absolutely need to. Thankfully, yet another version of the 1993 classic has been made available with the release of realMyst for the iPad 2 and new iPad.

As Cyan Worlds founder Rand Miller states, realMyst “is not your father’s Myst.” This latest version of the game still sees players exploring a large world, using items and mixing clues to solve a varied set of puzzles. But thanks to the latest game ingine, realMyset lets players explore the environments in 3D with complete freedom of motion and viewing, with seamless movement between areas.

realMyst combines the original Myst and its sequel, Riven, into a single package with visual enhancements that allow for rippling water, falling rain and more. Producer Karl Johnson said that, rather than awkwardly shoehorning a computer mouse interface into the game, the new engine also allows the player a great sense of freedom in movement.

“The resulting interface allows the player to explore a 3D world with the ease of exploring a 2D document on the iPad,” he added.

Miller agreed.

“To explore the islands and Ages of Myst in realtime, it’s an amazing feeling,” Miller said. “So much went into creating this experience; years of development, almost a gigabyte of textures, models, sounds, music and video.”

To celebrate Myst’s 19th anniversary, you can pick up realMyst via the App Store now for $6.99 (Regular price $9.99).

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