If you thought Metal Gear Solid 4’s storyline was really far fetched, you’re not alone. Nevertheless, defence contractors and private military corporations are on the rise and they’ll need some of the latest in training simulators to make sure their clones – oops, I mean their soldiers – will have the very best to work with, which is why Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, a division of Rheinmetall, has signed a multi-year deal to use Trinigy's Vision Game Engine for some upcoming training simulation programs.

Felix Roeken, general manager of Trinigy commented in the press release about their new client, saying…
“In many ways, the simulators created by defence organizations like Rheinmetall Defence Electronics are the pinnacle of 3D creation,” ... “The graphics and the environments must be real enough to make an indelible impression in the mind of the trainee. While we’ve always understood the power of our technology, it is still both humbling and gratifying to know that our technology has been chosen for a task as serious as Rheinmetall’s.”

Well, just how serious is this project? The general public may never know, but if cloned super-soldiers start double-tapping a few people in your neck of the woods, you might have an idea of where they got their training from.

You can learn more about the Vision Game Engine and some of the projects currently in the works using the engine by visiting the Official Website.

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