American Song Contest's AleXa Responds To Snoop Dogg's Prediction That She'd Win The Whole Season With K-Pop

AleXa K-Pop American Song Contest finale
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Spoilers ahead for the Grand Final of American Song Contest on ABC.

American Song Contest has officially wrapped its first season after whittling the best singers that each U.S. state and territory had to offer down to one winner: AleXa, from Oklahoma. She was the one and only K-pop artist to compete in ASC, and her victory proves that K-pop can come out on top of country, pop, and rock for voters across the country. Co-host Snoop Dogg even predicted that she'd win, and after winning, she shared her response to that prediction. 

Snoop Dogg actually shared live on ASC that K-pop was his "guilty pleasure" back in the series premiere after AleXa's first performance, so it was clear that he was a fan from the beginning, but it wasn't until her video package ahead of her third and final performance that he revealed that she was his pick to win. He told her:

From the moment you came on, my team said 'she's gonna win.'

Understandably, AleXa was clearly excited to hear that prediction from the music superstar, but it wasn't until almost an hour later that his words came true and she was announced as the winner of American Song Contest. Her combination of vocals, dance moves, and overall spectacle was enough for her to defeat even the jury vote winners who made it to the Grand Final, including Kentucky's Jordan Smith. It was the voters from home rather than jury members who sent her to the top. 

AleXa spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets following the finale, and when I asked how it felt to hear Snoop Dogg's prediction and then go on to win it all, she shared:

I mean, truth be told, I never thought I would be someone that meets Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson. Yet here I am, thanks to this wonderful opportunity. And you know when Snoop says such kind words of encouragement, it really took me aback and I went back to the hotel we were staying at that night, I just let it like... marinate. And it just really struck a chord with me. I'm really grateful for such kind and positive and uplifting words.

Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson have been encouraging to the artists from all 56 states and territories – even if they did get competitive about their respective home states of California and Texas – but Snoop seemed to have a soft spot for AleXa and her K-pop performance of "Wonderland" from the start. AleXa previously spoke about how representing K-pop as an Oklahoman on ASC was a "bit of a weight on the shoulders," and Snoop's words clearly meant a lot to her. The co-host has been open about his likes and dislikes as well, considering that he admitted that he hated the American Song Contest rehearsals!

AleXa's "Wonderland" was one of the biggest and most elaborate performances from the very first week, to the point that it was almost hard to imagine how she could go even bigger in future rounds of competition. Her finale performance managed to top the previous two, and Snoop Dogg definitely wasn't the only one who thought that AleXa's odds of winning were pretty great. Just take a look at her performance from the Grand Final:

AleXa proved that competitors didn't have to bring a standard genre of music – or even the expected genre of music from a certain state – to the ASC stage to win, which could be encouraging for any future competitors... if the show returns for another round. As of the Season 1 finale, American Song Contest actually hasn't been renewed for a second season, so it remains to be seen (and Season 1 can be revisited with a Peacock subscription) whether the show will be back with another 56 singers from across the U.S. and its territories. 

For now, primetime still has plenty of premieres on the way to fill the hours even after the end of ASC on NBC, so be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule for what's on the way in the coming days and weeks, and don't forget to take a look at our spring finale schedule for when the other biggest shows on television will wrap for the season. 

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