Matthew McConaughey Would Do Sing 3, But With One Major Change

Matthew McConaughey is back to play the ambitious koala bear Buster Moon for Sing 2, Illumination Entertainment’s sequel to the 2016 animated hit. The actor isn’t necessarily one to reprise his roles, but how can you say no to those fuzzy faces? Anyway, his character is always working behind the scenes to keep the New Moon Theater thriving, but if you’re hoping for a McConaughey musical number in the sequel, you’ll be disappointed. But maybe that can be rectified in the hypothetical Sing 3.

As CinemaBlend’s Jeff McCobb pointed out when speaking to Matthew McConaughey, Sing 2 sadly does not involve a big, bombastic musical number from Mr. Buster Moon. Here was the actor’s response to the lack of song and dance from his animated character: 

Maybe Sing 3, but it wasn’t in this one and a lot of people have been saying that and I’m like that’s right, Buster Moon should sing, whistle, diddy, hum, dance, something. Oh, that’d be super fun. That could be it. Bring it up to the director, I’m with you. You hear that Garth?

Matthew McConaughey was quick to share being bummed as well that Buster Moon doesn’t get to be part of a second Sing soundtrack. He even called upon writer/director Garth Jennings to hear our cries. If Sing 3 happens, it’s time for Buster Moon to bust a dang move! 

While Buster Moon is undoubtedly the protagonist of the Sing franchise as the mover and shaker of all the business that moves forward the story itself, the singing is left to the characters played by Tori Kelly, Taron Egerton, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and so forth. This time around, U2 frontman Bono plays the role of a lion rock legend named Clay Calloway, who Buster Moon is determined to take out of his self-imposed isolation and bring him to the New Moon Theater. 

The plotline enlists new characters played by Pharrell Williams and Halsey. The soundtrack is once again a jukebox of big hits such as “Where The Streets Have No Name,” “A Sky Full of Stars,” “I Say A Little Prayer” and “Break Free.” While Matthew McConaughey isn’t exactly known to be a singer, his confidence will get him far. Based on his answer to CinemaBlend, he’s completely on board to see Buster Moon become a singer himself in the next Sing movie. 

During the interview, Matthew McConaughey spoke about usually feeling “sacred” about his characters in the past, leading him to not reprise any other roles. But in terms of Buster Moon, he finds him to be scalable and is interested by the higher stakes that can come with each movie. He shared an interest in reprising the role to complete the trilogy, and perhaps you close out the trilogy with Buster Moon actually getting on stage himself. Wouldn’t that be poetic? 

Sing 2 hits theaters on December 22 and check out what 2021 new movie releases are set by the end of the year. 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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