The One Great Matthew McConaughey Character He Says He Would Bring Back For A Sequel

Matthew McConaughey will appear in Sing 2 alongside an all-star cast when the animated film hits theaters next week. He will, of course, be reprising his character Buster Moon from the first Sing – which will mark the very first time in his storied career that he’s brought a character back for another round. There is one other character of his, however, that he believes may deserve such treatment: Moondog from Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum .

When it comes to why Matthew McConaughey hasn’t reprised any roles, he says it’s because the character would need to be “scalable.” The animated koala Buster Moon is scalable in his view, and when the subject of his character from The Beach Bum was brought up, he said this:

Moondog could show up, he's scalable. He's very scalable. We could, we could spin the meter on anywhere in the universe where he would show up, and it would make sense.

That is very true! Matthew McConaughey’s character from The Beach Bum, Moondog, is a bohemian poet from Florida that goes on substance-fueled adventures across the coast. For such an eccentric and destructive character, he sure did seem to fit in basically anywhere. McConaughey’s comments make sense because regardless of his circumstances, Moondog would remain endlessly interesting. 

It is a tad bizarre that McConaughey has managed to go this long without reprising a character – especially in this day and age when franchises and sequels are becoming ever more and more common and established IP is emphasized. While it did seem as though reprising roles is just not something he has put much thought into, he has a valid reason as to why it just never seems to happen, and it's tied into the fact that he feels that a number of them are "sacred" and he's hesitant to bring them back.

Maybe the whimsicality of Moondog is another reason Matthew McConaughey sees him as scalable, given that “sacred” would be a humorous description for the ridiculous character and his fairly open-ended story. Whether the actor wants to reprise the character or not doesn’t really matter, as the film wasn’t exactly a success. It received mixed reviews, and bombed at the box office.I, on the other hand, love The Beach Bum, and it was clear by McConaughey’s giddiness when discussing the movie's protagonist that the character has a special place in his heart as well. 

You can see Matthew McConaughey in his first sequel, Sing 2, on December 22 – the movie also featuring the vocal talents of Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Nick Kroll, Halsey, and more. If you’re curious as to what else is coming to theaters in what remains of this month, we’ve got you covered with our 2021 Movie Release Calendar

Jeff McCobb
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