Suki Waterhouse Explains How Being In Daisy Jones And The Six Helped Her Find The Confidence To Pursue Her Own Music Career

While many of the Daisy Jones and The Six cast members were newbies to the world of music when they signed on to the show, Suki Waterhouse had already been releasing music for years. However, she didn’t start consistently releasing songs until last year when she released her album I Can’t Let Go. Now, as one of the highly anticipated book-to-screen adaptations on the 2023 movie schedule finally makes its way to Amazon Prime, the singer/actress opened up about how the series helped her find the confidence to pursue her own music career. 

Suki Waterhouse passionately explained how playing Karen in the adaptation of Diasy Jones and The Six really helped her find her own musical voice. While chatting with CinemaBlend she gave a candid answer as to why playing The Six's keyboardist helped shape her into the musician she is today, the actress said:

When I was playing Karen, I think you're always looking for the similarities and the things that you connect to. And actually, I think, Karen, you know, we were with our characters for so long, and I think she actually helped me overcome a fear in my own life that I had. I had a lot of music in my own life that I wanted to, that I wanted to release, and playing Karen like bleed into me in a way.

It’s become clear that the time this cast was given to prepare to play The Six was incredibly valuable. Due to the pandemic, there was an unintentional year-and-a-half delay, and the big silver lining was all the actors who made up the band got to really hone in on their craft. Sam Claflin, who plays The Six’s frontman Billy Dunne, told AP that “the more time you are gifted for preparation, the better,” and that proved to be true, as the actors of The Six became a full-blown band by the end of production. 

In Waterhouse’s case, she went from someone who had released a handful of songs, to a full-blown artist who has released an album and music videos. Plus, now she's even touring. The singer/actress explained the gift of playing Karen, and how it helped her music career flourish by explaining:

By the time I'd you know, when I first started the show I had, I would never have thought I would have a label or an album or be going on tour. And by the time the show came out, I've done 70 shows been on two tours, have a label. I love Karen so much. And I know that she bled into my heart and all these very special ways.

You can tell Waterhouse has really found her style and her voice when it comes to her music, and fans are loving it. Along with the release of the positively reviewed Daisy Jones and The Six, she dropped a single called “To Love,” and she’s been performing live, and posting her amazing outfits from the shows on Instagram (which are just as cool as her plunging, sheer gown from the series premiere)

As a fan of both Daisy Jones and The Six and Suki Waterhouse, it’s so cool to see how her talent enhanced the show, and how the series helped her gain the confidence that allowed her music career to flourish. 

You can listen to Suki Waterhouse’s music on Spotify and Apple Music, also be sure to check out new episodes of Daisy Jones and The Six every Friday with an Amazon Prime subscription where you can catch the actress playing the beloved character that helped her music career flourish.

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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