After Megan Fox Takes Off Her Engagement Ring, Source Shares Update About Possible Machine Gun Kelly Break-Up

Celebrity couples have captured the attention of the public for decades now, as fans clamor to learn more about the private life of public figures. Chief among them is Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, who are constantly going viral due to the unconventional ways they show each other affection. There have also been multiple rumors about them possibly ending things, with another one of those stories currently circulating. And after Fox took off her engagement ring, a source shared an update about her possible break-up with MGK.

New rumors about Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox breaking up started in the midst of Super Bowl weekend, with the Jennifer’s Body actress going viral for posts that seemed to hint that he cheated on her. They were photographed on Valentine’s Day, seemingly going to a couple’s therapist. An anonymous source close to the couple recently spoke to People about the state of their relationship, saying:

They haven't officially called off the engagement but Megan took her ring off. They have had issues in the past, but things seem pretty serious this time.

Well, there you have it. It looks like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are trying to work things out and are technically still engaged. Still, the fact that she’s off of Instagram and is no longer wearing her ring seems to hint that things are pretty serious right now. We’ll just have to wait and see if they’re able to work it out, and if the rumors about his infidelity are confirmed.

While Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly both declined the opportunity to speak to People about their relationship, this anonymous source seemingly helps to peel back the curtain on what’s happening between the two A-listers. As previously mentioned, they made headlines just yesterday for seemingly attending couples counseling, although they were photographed leaving the building separately. Still, it’s a relief to shippers out there that they’re seeking professional help.

The rumors about Machine Gun Kelly possibly cheating on Megan Fox were inspired by the actress herself, who turned heads thanks to her social media use. She took down all the photos of herself and MGK, and posted a photo with some lyrics from Beyoncé’s album Lemonade. Specifically the opening lyrics to the track “Pray You Catch Me”, with the caption reading:

You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath.

She also followed Machine Gun Kelly’s nemesis Eminem on Instagram, before deactivating the account altogether. While it was rumored that she was just trying to get some attention from fans, it now seems that the issues in their relationship do run deep. And smart money says that fans will be paying attention for the foreseeable future, especially regarding whether or not Megan Fox is wearing her engagement ring at any point.

Regardless of their interpersonal relationship, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are thriving professionally. MGK was recently nominated for a Grammy, while Fox has upcoming projects like The Expendables 4. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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