Amid Breakup Rumors, Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Reportedly 'Trying To Work Things Out'

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in the "Bloody Valentine" music video
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Breakup rumors continue about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, although this time it sounds like their relationship might not be ending. Following a cryptic post, and the actress deleting all of her photos with MGK, fans started to wonder if the couple was still together. Now, a source is speaking up about the relationship, saying the two are reportedly “trying to work things out.” 

Apparently, Fox took off her engagement ring from the rapper-turned-rocker following an argument during Super Bowl weekend. She also deleted all pictures of them together, posted a cryptic message and deactivated her Instagram account. Now, People is reporting that a source close to the couple claimed they are “speaking” and “trying to work things out.” 

However, that does not mean they’ve made up. Reportedly Fox “is still upset” and “taking one day at a time” while working on her relationship with MGK. The source also claimed that the root of the couple’s problems is their “trust issues.” They said: 

There are trust issues and this causes conflicts right now. Megan is taking one day at a time.

The source also explained that Fox allegedly isn’t going to give up on her relationship with Kelly quickly. They said:

She was never one to casually date. She is with him because she believes it's a long-term relationship. She isn't just gonna give up on their relationship.

So, for now, it seems like the Jennifer’s Body star and musician are not doing great, but they also haven’t completely called it off. Considering that Fox and MGK got engaged last year, and have been very public when it comes to showing affection, it makes sense that even if things are rough at the moment, they are trying to figure it out. 

It’s worth noting that this has all gone down in a very short period of time. On February 5 the two were seen together at the Grammys afterparty, and Fox praised MGK’s “humility.” Then as the biggest football game on the 2023 TV schedule was about to air, Fox did everything mentioned on Instagram, and she didn’t show up to the Super Bowl party her fiancé was performing at. 

Since the big game, and Fox’s Instagram post, an insider alleged that she was trolling fans “for attention.” The source explained the two have an “intense relationship” that includes lots of “highs and lows.” Considering there have been breakup rumors about them before, and they have been known for unconventional actions, like drinking each other’s blood, I can see why the source noted the ups and downs, as well as the intensity of their relationship. 

People who pay attention to the couple seem to think MGK might have cheated on Fox, and Sophie Lloyd may have been involved. However, nothing is confirmed, and according to this source the couple allegedly may not be on the best terms at the moment, but they are trying to work things out. 

Riley Utley
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