And Just Like That, Ben And Jennifer Affleck’s Second Honeymoon Is Over

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli
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Ben and Jennifer Affleck are an example of a couple who believe, "Why have one wedding when you can have two?" And while twice the weddings means twice the honeymoons, in the blink of an eye, Bennifer is back home.

If only honeymoons could last a lifetime. TMZ reports that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back in their L.A. home after celebrating their real wedding extravaganza in Georgia and had their second honeymoon in Italy. After a long week, the Gone Girl star was spotted lighting up a cigarette after their private jet landed at LAX. The newlywed couple sported color-coordinated beige travel outfits as they hopped into an SUV back to their blended family as husband and wife.

There’s nothing like a romantic Italian vacation to celebrate the second time of saying “I do.” Page Six says the Jersey Girl couple treated themselves to a designer shopping spree in Milan and were spotted dining and sharing a sweet kiss on Lake Como. However, their bliss under the Italian sun was interrupted when a video from their wedding was leaked, featuring the “Jenny From the Block'' singer singing a new song for her new hubby, accompanied by backup dancers. This standout performance showing up on social media did not make JLo happy as she felt that whoever leaked it “took advantage” of a private moment she wanted to share with the man she loves and to not make it a money-grabbing opportunity without permission.

This wouldn’t be the first time that people tried to ruin a honeymoon for Bennifer. To celebrate their first wedding nuptials that took place in Las Vegas, the Gigli couple had a Parisian vacation where they had different responses to being flashed by the paparazzi. A source said Lopez understood it came with the territory of being an A-list couple while Affleck was turned off that he couldn’t be alone with his newly wedded wife without the flashing of cameras getting in the way. Considering the paparazzi broke up Bennifer the first time around, it appears the Oscar-winning director would still prefer that the paparazzi give this couple some space. While the loving couple will brave through the flash photographers together, it does not mean this battle will be an easy one.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will have a lot to deal with once they head back to reality. Since this Hollywood couple was on-and-off again starting in 2002 and restarting again after hanging out in May 2021, a lot of media attention will be on them. A number of fans could be crossing their fingers that the second time's the charm for this newly wedded couple while others may wonder if this could fall on JLo’s list of relationship failures

While the honeymoon is over and this A-list couple is back to brave the real world, they have a loving family to go home to where they will make new memories and adventures together – not to mention successful careers. Follow up on CinemaBlend’s upcoming movies to learn about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's upcoming work as their schedules get back to normal.

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