After Tina Was Missing From The Fantastic Beasts 3 Trailer, Is Katherine Waterston In The Secrets Of Dumbledore?

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Spoilers for The Secrets of Dumbledore can be found within this story, so if you want the surprise to remain magical, please hop to something less spoilery, like questions we have after Fantastic Beasts 2. 

When the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore released, of course people were talking about Mads Mikkelsen replacing Johnny Depp. However, fans also noticed that a major character seemed to be missing from the trailer: none other than Queenie’s sister Tina, played by Katherine Waterston. So what happened? Was it a tease? Is Tina in the movie at all? Well, now the movie is hitting the 2022 release schedule, we can reveal the answer is complicated

Before we get into what we know, take a look at the trailer, which highlights "a magizoologist, his indispensable assistant, a wizard descended from a very old family, a school teacher, and a muggle." As you'll note, those descriptors are for the main cast in Fantastic Beasts 3, and none of them refer to Tina. 

Conflicting Evidence: Why There Are Questions About Tina Goldstein In The Secrets Of Dumbledore

While Tina was totally missing from the first trailer, that wasn't the last fans have seen from franchise favorite actress Katherine Waterston. In fact, she was actually at the big premiere for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, and she looked great. You can see her rocking all-black next to other star Eddie Redmayne, who also went with a classic black-and-white look (plus a flower!) on the red carpet. 

Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston at The Fantastic Beasts 3 premiere

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While Harry Potter star Tom Felton was also on the red carpet for the Fantastic Beasts premiere, and he’s obviously not in the movie, he was also there to help the Wizarding World out and do a little bit of promotion. So, when Waterston happened onto the red carpet, it re-opened the door to talk out whether or not she’s in the movie again. In fact, though, she handled the moment like a pro, noting: 

I’m not going to talk about it. You can’t get me to talk about it. I get so nervous even at the premiere. We’re well-trained not to share the secrets.

You can see the full interview below, and I'd suggest doing so because the actress also talks about her experience on the Fantastic Beasts 3 set, muddying the waters further.

As you can see, elsewhere in the interview she spoke out about how going to the set for the third movie was dissimilar to her original experience with the Wizarding World. The first time, she felt like a newbie in the Harry Potter universe, but now it's like returning to school in the fall. This seemingly makes it clear she was on set, so what's actually going on with her character being hidden from most of the promo for the new movie? 

So, Is Tina In Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore? 

It's here that spoilers abound. The short answer to whether or not Tina is in the movie is yes and no. Confusing right? So here’s the deal. Early on in Fantastic Beasts 3 there’s a comment made that Tina won’t be joining this version of Dumbledore’s Army in order to take down Grindelwald. Per the movie, Tina’s just been made head of the American auror office, so she has no time for adventures. Instead, the party is made up of Newt, Newt’s brother Theseus, muggle Jacob Kowalski, newcomer Lally Hicks, Leta’s half-brother Yusuf Kama and Newt’s assistant Bunty Broadacre. As you'll note, that's the same group listed in the trailer, with no room for Tina!

However, Tina does show up in the movie. She’s briefly seen watching from the American office and Newt and his merry band of followers try to foil Gellert Grindelwald’s plans to steal the election and win the Supreme Head position within the Wizarding community. Later, after Grindelwald’s shown to be a cheater and an unlikely ally saves the day, Queenie and Jacob reunite and it's then that Tina rejoins the gang to celebrate.

Though, to note, they aren't simply celebrating holding off Grindelwald's nefarious plans. In fact, there’s a longer scene in which Newt prepares for a speech he has planned. The occasion just so happens to be Jacob and Queenie’s nuptials. Tina, who is Queenie's sister, shows up while he’s practicing outside and Newt’s very pleased to see her. It’s only a short scene, but it does allow the character to remain an integral part of the universe. 

It's also worth noting that Katherine Waterston gets reasonable placement in the credits for the third Fantastic Beasts film. There are reportedly two more Beasts films being planned, and it's unclear if Tina will be a part of them or not. 

What's perhaps most interesting is we don't know why Tina is not really significantly in the film. While watching the movie, it feels likely that scenes that were later given to newcomer Jessica Williams (who is a delightful addition) were possibly originally written for Tina. Waterston also had a child in 2019, which could have led to scheduling changes. Though it's worth noting she had projects that came out in 2020 and 2022, so she's been working, but it's also possible that during the whirlwind of Covid delays on The Secrets of Dumbledore, the scheduling didn't make sense. There could be any number of reasons for the character being sidelined, and perhaps the actress will open up about those one day. 

For now though, you can catch her very small onscreen contribution to the film, only in theaters

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