Anne Hathaway Shares Honest Thoughts On Whether A Devil Wears Prada Sequel Will Happen

Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada.
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One of the films that really established Anne Hathaway’s acting career following The Princess Diaries movies was The Devil Wears Prada. One of Hathaway's best movies, it feature a great movie team-up between the then-rising actress and Meryl Streep. Today, many enjoy revisiting the movie, in which Hathaway's character (an innocent assistant) goes up against a tough-as-nails editor played by Streep. Recently, the 39-year-old was asked if she will finally do a Devil Wears Prada sequel, she gave an honest answer.

The Devil Wears Prada was based on the 2003 novel of the same name, and the book also has a sequel -- the red-covered Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, which was published in 2013. There's also a spinoff, When Life Gives You Lululemons, which was published in 2018. So there's plenty of material for a theatrical follow-up, but does that mean that one will actually happen? Well, ET Online caught up with Anne Hathaway during the red carpet premiere of her latest movie, Armageddon Time, and she straight up said a sequel is not currently in the works and that they're probably won't be one:

There's not going to be a sequel. It's not gonna happen. It's just like, we can't do it. It's not gonna happen. It exists. There are other films. There will be other films. We can just watch that one [The Devil Wears Prada] again.

People speculated that we would see Anne Hathaway’s Andy Sachs again when Diet Prada posted a photo from the Michael Kors Spring 2023 fashion week to Instagram. It showed the Interstellar actress sitting next to Vogue chief Anna Wintour, the inspiration behind The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly . The actress was sporting  a look similar to her character, and it included those signature bangs, a black turtleneck underneath a brown leather jacket, and a matching skirt. But apparently, Hathaway told ET that putting together that outfit was a total accident and was not meant to be a throwback to her Andy or hint to any kind of sequel. That, an this most recent batch of news, is sure to disappoint fans.

Emily Blunt is one of the film's actors who actually doesn’t want a Prada sequel to happen. While she expressed that she would be on board if a sequel were to come, she’s hoping it never will since she felt it would take away the magic the original movie exuded. I would have to agree with her since the movie is so special and wrapped things up pretty well from a narrative standpoint.

While Anne Hathaway believes a sequel won't happen, it doesn’t mean that she has no love for the work she did on comedy-drama. During The Devil Wears Prada's tenth anniversary, she posted a GIF on Instagram that paid tribute to the movie and also reflected on how the movie changed her life. It was a professional stepping stone for her, as it helped her transition from teen-centric to adult roles. She eventually landed her first Oscar nomination for Rachel Getting Married and then snagging that Oscar with Les Misérables in 2013. So I think we should all be grateful for the fashion-centric comedy and what it did for Hathaway.

Even though a sequel to the beloved movie will seemingly not be happening, you still see Anne Hathaway in the upcoming movie Armageddon Time, which hits theaters with a limited release on October 28th and then opens nationwide on November 4th. You can also stream The Devil Wears Prada using a Peacock subscription.

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