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Billie Eilish Shares Look At The Time She Was A Redhead For A Hot Minute Before Going Brunette

Billie Eilish talking to Kyle Mooney on SNL
(Image credit: Saturday Night Live)

No Time To Die songstress and Grammy winner Billie Eilish has become well known over the years for experimenting with her hair to match with the different eras of her music. In 2021, she notably switched out her neon green roots for a classic old Hollywood blonde ahead of releasing her album Happier Than Ever. It was a beautiful and mature look for her, but in true Billie fashion, it was not to stay. Just ahead of hosting Saturday Night Live last month, she went back to black. But hold up, she actually had a secret hair color in between! 

Like many social media users at the end of the year and the start of a new one, Billie Eilish took to her Instagram to share moments over the course of 2021. It was a huge year for the singer and she gave her fans a more intimate peek at her life by allowing them to choose random dates of 2021 to share pictures of her life. In the middle of this she revealed that she was a redhead in late November. Check it out: 

Billie Eilish with red hair in 2021 Instagram stories

(Image credit: Instagram/Billie Eilish)

For those of us who’ve dyed our hair before, it’s not an easy feat to go from one hair color to the other. Going from blonde to black is a major shift for her hair cuticles to handle, and in the interim she decided to go red for a week without telling anyone about it. As she shared in her story, on November 22 she was briefly a redhead. Billie Eilish also shared a short video of how the color looked on her before she dyed it black: 

Billie Eilish with red hair in 2021, Instagram story

(Image credit: Instagram/Billie Eilish)

Yeah… so somehow the 20-year-old can pull off every shade under the sun. The natural auburn looks absolutely amazing on her, however it was not meant to be another iconic look for her. (Not yet, anyway!) Just a week later, Billie Eilish went back to the salon chair and became a brunette again with a jet black hair color. On December 3, Billie Eilish revealed the new look to her fans. 

Billie Eilish then rocked the look on an episode of Saturday Night Live where she served as the host and musical guest. A week later, the singer turned 20 years old. Next month, she will get back on the road in the United States for a massive tour that will begin in New Orleans, take her all over Europe in the summer and New Zealand and Australia in the fall. 

Additionally, the singer is expected to be a big name to watch during award season. Billie Eilish has been nominated by Critics Choice and Golden Globes for her James Bond theme song “No Time To Die,” with the Oscars likely next. Additionally, the Grammys are recognizing Eilish for her album Happier Than Ever in six major categories along with her Disney+ movie, Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles

We can look forward to seeing Billie Eilish attend the Grammys, airing on CBS on January 31. 

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