Blake Lively Shares Topless Look To Reveal How She Pulled Off Her Epic Halloween Costume

Actress Blake Lively has been making headlines for years, starting with her tenure on Gossip Girl and continuing thanks to her career and marriage to Ryan Reynolds. Lively regularly goes viral, and her epic Halloween costume definitely made a splash on social media. And Lively recently shared a topless look to reveal how it all came together.

With Halloween taking place last weekend, the festivities went on for days. Plenty of celebrities got in on the fun, with folks like Ariana Grande going viral as a result of their costume. Blake Lively brought a black and white look together, opened up about that process while posing topless. Check it out below,

Blake Lively's Insta post

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Now that is some Halloween spirit. While some of us plan ahead for extravagant costumes, oftentimes it comes down to what you have around the house. For Blake Lively, that included using some grey makeup and an old wig to make her Holiday look come to life. Spoiler alert: she killed it.

Blake Lively shared the above image on her Instagram Story, helping to peel back the curtain in her A+ Halloween costume. While the finished product made it look like she planned ahead, it was actually a last-minute effort. But she still managed to pull it off, thanks to one very special YouTube tutorial.

As the caption reads, Blake Lively didn’t have enough grey make-up to completely paint their body. Instead she only went down to her neck, and then used her own clothing to help the black and white illusion come together. You can check out the final look below,

Nailed it. From the looks of Blake Lively’s styling, she may be pulling an ensemble that she used while promoting her movie A Simple Favor. In that movie, Lively’s character Emily wears super chic vests and blazer combinations, with a wardrobe inspired by director Paul Feig. Although some pieces could also double as a Halloween costume.

While it was originally unclear what Blake Lively did for Halloween in this get-up, she was photographed with Ryan Reynolds and pal Taylor Swift. Reynolds has been praising his wife’s creative genius for the last few months, and this last-minute costume certainly shows how she’s able to look outside of the box.

Ryan Reynolds was recently honored with the Wall Street Journal’s Innovation Award, thanks to his various businesses like Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile. During his speech he thanked Blake Lively, which is something he’s been seemingly getting into the habit of doing. He recently recognized her for helping to write with him on projects like Deadpool, despite not being credited for it. It’s clear they have a great partnership, one that sometimes includes last minute costumes.

Ryan Reynolds’ Red Notice will arrive on November 12th, while Blake Lively has two projects in pre-production: The Making Of and The Husband’s Secret. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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