Brad Pitt Now Suing Angelina Jolie As Lengthy Divorce Drags On

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in suits in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been legally separated for years, and yet the divorce between the two has yet to be finalized. While the primary issue of contention has been the custody of the pair’s minor children, there have also been assets in need of division. One such significant asset was a winery the two owned together, and while it appeared the issue was being dealt with when Jolie sold her share in Chateau Miraval, it’s back now because Pitt is suing Jolie over the sale and he’s looking to legally undo it.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased Chateau Miraval back in 2008 -- before they were legally married. According to The Blast, the plan was to run the business, but also to use the chateau on the property as a residence for the family. Pitt’s legal filing states the initial agreement between Pitt and Jolie was that one would not sell their share in the winery without the consent of the other party, and he never consented when Jolie sold her share to Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of the Stoli Group. 

Pitt states that he was aware that Jolie was investigating selling her share and that he had given his consent to do so on the condition that he give his approval on whomever she chose. The suit states he was not aware of the sale until it was done. The actor was also reportedly interested in buying his ex's share himself.

Beyond the fact that Brad Pitt did not give his consent to the sale per the original agreement, his issue is that now, because of the sale, he no longer has control of the property as he once did. The lawsuit states he put a great deal of time and money into making the winery a successful business, something Angelina Jolie was able to profit off of when she sold her share, despite not being directly involved in the business. Now that the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor has a partner, he can’t run the business the way he wants. He also cannot use the chateau as a residence any longer.

Brad Pitt is now suing Angelina Jolie for damages, but he also wants a court to undo the sale. Since Jolie allegedly did not abide by the agreement the two had, the suit states it was therefore an unlawful sale. 

This divorce has dragged on for years now, and when the proceedings take a step forward, they've often later done the opposite. While a judge ruled on custody last year, Angelina Jolie was not happy with that decision and has taken steps to try and get the ruling reviewed. Now a major asset that was taken off the table will, if Brad Pitt’s lawsuit is successful, be brought back into play. This could continue being ongoing for a while...

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