Halloween Ends: Why I Was Disappointed Over Kyle Richards' Lindsey Wallace

Kyle Richards as Lindsey in Halloween Ends
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Spoilers ahead for Halloween Ends, which is currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

It’s a great time to be a horror fan, with many of the best horror movies returning to theaters thanks to new sequels. This trend was at least partly started because 2018’s Halloween was such a critical and box office success, with filmmaker David Gordon Green tasked with creating two more sequels. The threequel Halloween Ends arrived last weekend, and I’ve got to admit I’m disappointed over Kyle Richards’ character Lindsey Wallace.

In Halloween Kills, David Gordon Green and company brought in a number of actors from John Carpenter’s 1979 original slasher to reprise their roles. This included Real Housewives of Beverly Hills icon Kyle Richards, who reprised her role as Lindsey Wallace. She was one of the only characters to survive Michael’s massacre through Haddonfield, and was confirmed early on to be appearing in Halloween Ends. Unfortunately her character (who once again rocked those controversial bangs) was largely kept out of the action of the recent thriller, which is a bummer considering how audience responded to her fighting off Michael in the last movie.

Kyle Richards pops up a few times throughout the first act of Halloween Ends. It’s clear that Lindsey has a close relationship with both Laurie and Allyson, which was definitely a heartwarming aspect of her story. Unfortunately, the last time we saw her was back at the bar she was working at, and she’s completely absent from the movie’s third act.

One of the most common critiques of Halloween Ends is that it features a surprisingly small amount of screen time for Michael Myers, instead focusing on newcomer Corey. As a result, there are far fewer of The Shape’s chase and kill scenes, especially when compared to Kills. And therefore there weren’t a ton of opportunities for Lindsey to reunite with the masked villain of the franchise. Maybe it’s for this reason that fans are going to be re-watching the Halloween movies in order this October.

Still, I wish that she got to be involved in the final confrontation at Laurie’s house. Allyson got a few blows in, and it would have been great to see Kyle Richards’ character using the same ingenuity from her last appearance. As a reminder, you can check out that scene from Halloween Kills below:

Another opportunity for Halloween Ends to have given Lindsey some more love would have been during the movie’s finale. After Michael is killed by Laurie and her granddaughter, she drives the body through Haddonfield before putting it through an industrial shredder and guaranteeing he was dead forever. The town forms a procession of cars, with folks looking on from the streets. Unfortunately Kyle Richards’ character was noticeably absent from the sequence, where she could have easily been in the backseat of Laurie’s car or simply watching it from a distance. Instead she simply doesn’t appear in the latter third of the divisive sequel. I doubt I was the only superfan disappointed in this, especially as Richards was involved in the promotion of the slasher.

In the end Lindsey Wallace never faced off against Michael Myers in Halloween Ends, nor did she reunite with her bag of bricks. While this prevented Kyle Richards from accidentally breaking her nose again, I personally would have loved for the OG survivor to be involved in Halloween Ends’ ending.

Halloween Ends is in theaters and streaming on Peacock. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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