It Wasn't Just The Tattoo Cover-Up. Fans Paying Attention May Have Seen Sylvester Stallone's Split From Jennifer Flavin Coming

Sylvester Stallone and Wife Jennifer Flavin in 2022 before split.
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News broke just a couple of days ago that Sylvester Stallone's wife Jennifer Flavin has filed for divorce from the Rocky franchise actor. The two married in 1997 and had been together for 25 years at the time of the announcement, but as the news broke, so too has some tangential information that perhaps should have clued us in on what was coming. 

Jennifer Flavin Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring

Reports this week indicate that Stallone’s now-ex was actually seen way back on August 8th at a Beverly Hills hotspot. This would normally have nothing to do with her marriage to Stallone, but when photogs caught her at Craig's on Melrose Avenue, they actually caught her without her wedding ring weeks ago, per Page Six.

It’s unclear when exactly the couple split before they made the reveal to the public, but she was seen by photographers a while back in June in Los Angeles and did seem to be sporting a ring on the relevant left finger at that time. 

Jennifer Flavin in Los Angeles before Stallone split 2022.

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Flavin was also previously seen supporting Stallone when his new movie release Samaritan was coming together, though that film has seen delays due to Covid-19. It was initially expected to come out a couple of years ago but is now an Amazon same-day release. 

Sylvester Stallone Also Covered Up His Wife’s Face Tattoo

In a sentence I could never have anticipated writing, news also broke this week that Sylvester Stallone had covered up his wife’s face tattoo, located on his upper arm. News broke on August 23 that a tattoo the Samaritan actor had sported which highlighted his wife's face was being covered up with a tattoo of his dog Butkus, who has passed away. He since got a new puppy, a Rottweiler, whom he introduced to the Internet a few weeks ago. 

It wasn't until August 24th that news broke that Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone were in fact splitting, and a lot of rumors went flying around at that time that the reason they were splitting had to do with Stallone getting the new dog. He actually subsequently was forced to respond to those rumors, saying it was not a "trivial argument." 

We did not end the relationship on such a trivial argument. We just went in different directions. I have the highest respect for Jennifer. I will always love her. She's an amazing woman. She's the nicest human being I've ever met.

Despite this, Flavin has accused her ex of hiding marital assets, amidst other claims in her divorce filing, so the situation does seem fairly sticky. Meanwhile, it certainly seems the clues were out there at least several days in advance. 

It should have been a big weekend for Stallone, whose new superhero film Samaritan hits Amazon after months of promo at events like CinemaCon and across his popular Instagram account, and after an extensive release date push thanks to Covid. Unfortunately, reviews for Samaritan have been tepid. It does sound like this month will be one for the books for the actor, particularly given his viral back and forth with Dolph Lundgren earlier this month,  just perhaps not how he would have anticipated ahead of these unfolding events.

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