Jason Momoa Opens Up About Lisa Bonet Reconciliation Rumors, Confirms The Split Is Legit

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet
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If you’re a typical person with eyes, chances are you have admired Game of Throne’s Jason Momoa at one point or another-- for either in one of his many shirtless pics or one of his badass roles. Don’t try to deny it - there’s absolutely no shame in that game. Until very recently Momoa has been in a relationship (and therefore off the market) with Lisa Bonet since the early 2000s. Rumors of reconciliation have been spreading since their split, and Momoa has now addressed them with a confirmation that they are definitely no longer together.

Speaking with Access Hollywood on the red carpet at the 2022 Oscars this past Sunday, Jason Momoa makes it clear that he and Lisa Bonet are no longer together and are not “working it out”. The interviewer addresses rumors by saying he is glad to see Momoa and Bonet trying to make things work together, but the Game of Thrones alum shakes his head and gives a pretty point blank confirmation that the two are separated and just on good terms as a family. Here it is in his own words:

Oh no, no, we’re not back together. We’re family, you know? Absolutely [forever]. We have two beautiful children together. But we’re not getting back together; we’re family forever. So…

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s relationship has been one of great envy for a lot of people, and the journalist interviewing the actor even says it has been an inspiration for him. This is a sentiment felt by many, but that may just come from how friendly the two were as a couple, and remain as a separate entity. The two stars have children together, which is a connection that spans a lifetime.

Stars like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have been separated for decades, but still remain a tight, blended family. It’s ex-couple goals like this that set the bar higher for co-parenting relationships, and it is one that it seems Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are on the road to as well. And that's a beautiful thing, despite the sadness that comes with a split of a pretty iconic couple.

Jason Momoa has already shown that he does pretty damn well with a co-parenting relationship, as he has a proven fantastic relationship with Lisa Bonet’s ex Lenny Kravitz. Bonet and Kravitz share a daughter, Zoë  Kravitz, and Momoa has been pretty much a shining star in the world of co-parenting, in both the support he has shown Zoë and the good relationship he has with her father.

While it’s always sad when a relationship doesn’t work out, it sounds like Jason Momoa and Lisa Binet are doing what is right for their family. It doesn’t sound like they’re getting back together, but “reconciliation” isn’t on the table, because they don’t need it. They’re good, as is their already blended family. 

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