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Jeff Goldblum Reacts To Bryan Cranston And Thor Co-Star Tom Hiddleston's Impressions Of Him, And I Can't Get Enough

When it comes to mimicry, Jeff Goldblum’s aura left room for the actor to be imitated by everyone from fellow stars to avid fans. His mannerisms, speech pattern and eccentric ways have made the Jurassic World Dominion star an endearing cultural figure. Multiple shows and interviews have given space for some quality Goldblum impressions over the years. With that in mind, it was finally time for the Independence Day star to see who mimicked him best. The Hollywood star got to see Bryan Cranston and Thor co-star Tom Hiddleston’s impressions of him, and his feedback was on point.

Of course, the most notable impression was Saturday Night Live’s “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit featuring David Duchovny doing his best Jeff Goldblum, but here have been plenty of Goldblum impressions since the iconic sketch. That said, no one’s ever asked Golblum what he thought about all this one and other imitations. Thankfully, Vanity Fair allowed him to do so. Goldblum got to see his Asteroid City co-star Bryan Cranston do his best impression. The Oscar nominee was taken aback by Cranston, as he remarked:

That’s good, I didn’t know he had that up his sleeve. As he said it’s intense, and he made those big eyes.

Jeff Goldblum was understandably surprised, as he didn’t know the Breaking Bad star was so observant. As with any Goldblum interview, he couldn’t help but notice a certain aspect of Bryan Cranston’s impersonation – his saucer-like eyes. The Hotel Artemis star spoke on trying to downplay his signature eye expression.

Bulgy eyes? Well, my mom had some prominent eyeballs, I’ll tell you. I have a nice sized socket myself. Early on I did too much of it. If there’s one thing I tried to eliminate from my behavioral color palette was the bulgy eyes. I didn’t want to be a cook-ball.

I believe that just like many Goldblum mannerisms, his eyes are part of the actor’s overall appeal. They’ve allowed him to be expressive in countless scenes throughout his career. You can always look for a good “Jeff Goldblum staring off in wonderment” moment. After seeing Cranston’s take, the Jurassic Park star got the chance to see his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tom Hiddleston do his impression with a twist. Here's what Goldblum had to say about this one:

Very good. He’s a master artist and a master craftsperson, a master impressionist. It’s a variation of what David Duchovny did. Can’t find a word, there’s a word I’m looking for, but can’t. Making interstitial sounds to kind of keep himself going. And then he’s doing something I haven’t seen in any of the things. It wasn’t part of “The Fly”, it wasn’t but it could have been. It captures the essence of a former body of work, maybe.

Tom Hiddleston took the cake for me, as he did his impersonation right in front of Goldblum. In my opinion, the Hiddleston/Goldblum instance took some confidence. Having worked with Jeff Goldblum on the third Thor film, the Loki star studied and observed his esteemed co-star. It could’ve gone completely sideways had Goldblum not been tickled by it. Luckily, he's been aware that his mannerisms and uniqueness make him a great person to imitate.

Jeff Goldblum is sure to be the source of new imitationsm as he has multiple projects coming up, including Jurassic World Dominion. Jeff Goldblum will pop up in the Fallen Kingdom sequel on June 10, as well as the Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8, with both playing in theaters. To learn what other movies are coming out in 2022, check out our movie schedule.

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