Jennifer Garner And She And Ben Affleck's Kids Spotted Hanging Out With Jennifer Lopez's Daughter As Family Prepares To Blend

Jennifer Garner in Alias and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli
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If you needed any proof we are reliving the early 2000s other than the massive amounts of reboots in the works, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are engaged again. The two were the pinnacle of pop culture media 20 years ago, and their recently rekindled romance is a very real throwback. The difference now, though, is they both have children and they will seemingly become a blended family. Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s kids were spotted hanging out with Lopez’s daughter, so it doesn’t look like blending families will be a huge hurdle for the renewed couple.

Possibly following in the footsteps of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s golden standard of blended families, Jennifer Garner was seen having a lovely moment at a school event with Jennifer Lopez’s 14-year-old daughter Emme. Garner and Ben Affleck’s 3 kids were also there right alongside Emme, and they all appeared to be getting along swimmingly.

In photos you can see at Hollywood Life, it looks like the Lopez/Affleck households are already beginning to merge and blend together, even though the (re)engagement is relatively new. Of course, since the building blocks of the relationship were already there from 20 years ago, it makes total sense why the two would be so comfortable sharing their whole lives with each other so quickly and bringing those that they cherish into the union as well.

In the photos you can see Jennifer Garner surrounded by her kids and Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme. They appear to be walking the school grounds and look very comfortable around each other. Lopez and Ben Affleck were also at the school event to support the kids, but don’t appear in the photos with the blended group.

As for how Jennifer Garner fits into all this, she and Ben Affleck have been divorced since 2018 and have had a seemingly friendly coparenting relationship ever since. Garner has been pretty open about approving of Affleck’s rekindled relationship with Jennifer Lopez, and the two Jennifers are reportedly on the same page about doing what’s best for their children.

It certainly seems like the Garner/Affleck/Lopez situation is one free of drama, and it appears as though the kids are thriving considering the changes. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have even been house hunting and are reportedly moving to the UK for the summer. These, right along with the new engagement, are some serious changes for kids, and how well the families seem to be blending will certainly help with the transitions. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled relationship is still pretty new, but it really looks like everything is fitting into place for them and their family. With the couple and Jennifer Garner all having new release films in 2022 either out or releasing soon, it could be a great thing to have more hands in raising the kids and strengthening their families with a smooth blending. Hopefully their family dynamic stays this solid throughout the transitions of the new relationship!

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