Rebel Wilson Just Got Engaged, And Her Announcement Photos Are Pure Disney Magic

Rebel Wilson has been absolutely slaying the game lately. With the success of her Netflix film Senior Year and her starring role in the upcoming film Verona, the Pitch Perfect star seems to be unstoppable. Now, she's taking another big step forward but this time, in her personal life. Wilson just announced her engagement to girlfriend Ramona Agruma, and their photos are nothing short of pure Disney magic!

The happy couple revealed their engagement in a sweet Instagram post shared by Rebel Wilson. They officially got engaged at Disneyland, a longtime favorite place of the pair. Not only that, but it sounds like they even got help from the House of Mouse's CEO, Bob Iger, when it came to making the arrangements. Wilson also chose to propose with a Tiffany engagement ring, and it's absolutely stunning. The two couldn’t look more excited and more in love on such a special occasion. You can see Wilson’s social media post below:

The lovely pair certainly couldn't have had a better place to commemorate such a major milestone. It may sound cliched, but there really is a true sense of magic to Disney's theme parks that can be somewhat unshakeable. I mean, let's be honest, those photos look like something straight out of one of the film's studios classic animated movies. And quite frankly, you love to see these two princesses looking so happy.

The Jojo Rabbit actress announced her relationship with her girlfriend last summer during LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The tar unfortunately didn't get to come out on her own terms, however. Reportedly, an Australian publication threatened to publish photos of the couple, effectively pushing the A-lister to make her with relationship with Ramona Agruma public herself. The star has since stressed the importance of individuals choosing their own coming-out journeys for themselves. 

After revealing her relationship last summer, Rebel Wilson has been more public about sharing her photos with her partner. She's shared cute vacation pictures of herself and Ramona Agruma as well as intimate photos from their holidays together. Wilson has a daughter, Royce Lillian, who was born via surrogate, and the couple post some great family moments. All the while, there had been many engagement rumors (involving Disneyland, no less)  swirling around the couple for a while. Those reports were premature, though it seems things ultimately did pan out as speculated.

The Ice Age alum has also been vocal about coming into her sexuality and how one of her roles helped her discover new unexplored facets of herself. She also is healthier than ever, as she's been putting fitness and nutrition at the center of her life for the past several years now. The actress seems to be doing great on all fronts and now seems incredibly happy. I'm excited for her as she embarks on this new journey and, hopefully, she and her wifey-to-be will use a bit more Disney magic when it comes to their wedding plans.

You can check out Rebel Wilson in Senior Year, which is currently streaming for Netflix subscribers. In addition, keep an eye out for her in Verona, which is a musical romance that's eyeing a Christmas release. Fans of the actress can also find out where to watch other notable Wilson projects. And for more information aon films opening in theaters and streaming in the near future, make sure to consult CinemaBlend’s schedule of 2023 new movie releases.

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