Rebel Wilson Had Her First Same-Sex Kiss In Her New Movie, Reveals How That Impacted Her Coming Out Journey

Rebel Wilson in The Almond and the Seahorse
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Rebel Wilson’s been making a lot of changes in the past couple of years. In 2020, she dedicated a Year of Health to herself where she lost 70 pounds. But unexpectedly in 2021, Wilson discovered her attraction to the same sex which led to her current relationship with partner Ramona Agruma raising a child together. However, all of that couldn’t have been possible if not for the Pitch Perfect star’s same-sex kiss in her new movie which impacted her coming out journey. 

In the past, Rebel Wilson has dated only guys. Then, everything changed when she decided to take on her first dramatic on-screen role in The Almond and the Seahorse about two women seeking comfort from one another after their spouses live with traumatic brain injuries. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson spoke about how the on-screen kiss she had with co-star Charlotte Gainsbourg awakened feelings in her she didn’t know she had towards women.

I had kind of had a situation with a woman before, not a sexual relationship and we hadn’t kissed or anything. But then the kiss with Charlotte came up. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal or anything. Then, weirdly through kissing her in my professional life I thought, well, maybe I should do that for real in my personal life and see how it goes, which I did. (Laughs.) That was in 2021 and then I met Ramona at the end of 2021. If I hadn’t had the experience with Charlotte or the experience with the other woman, I don’t know if I would have ever met Ramona. Having those experiences opened my heart up to it as a possibility. I’m grateful for those two experiences. It changed my love life completely. It’s such an awesome thing.

Who would have thought it would take a scripted kiss to discover your sexuality? It’s true that living through your characters can help you reevaluate yourself. Rebel Wilson spoke more about how her kiss with Charlotte Gainsbourg was the first kiss she ever had with a woman, and how nervous she was going into it. But once they started, she actually wanted the kiss to be steamier than what was shot. Fun fact- originally, Wilson’s character was supposed to engage in an affair with a man (a.k.a Pierce Brosnan if not for scheduling conflicts), but the Senior Year actress is the one who suggested that it would be better with a woman anyways. You can take a look at Rebel Wilson’s first same-sex kiss from The Almond and the Seahorse below:

Rebel Wilson and Charlotte Gainsbourg's kiss in The Almond and the Seahorse

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This past summer, Rebel Wilson shared a sweet photo of her and her new girlfriend Ramona Agruma. But sadly, coming out wasn’t the Australian actress’s decision. She was pressured to out herself on Instagram after an Australian publication threatened to reveal the star's relationship first by The Sydney Morning Herald's Andrew Hornery. He claimed in his opinion piece that Wilson being the first to out herself was “a big mistake” and he didn’t think talking about her new relationship would be a big deal since “sexual orientation is no longer something to be hidden.” In reality, the only person who should be coming forward about their relationship is the one who's actually in the relationship. 

The editor attempted to clear things up by saying The Sydney Morning Herald would have still broken this story whether the Jojo Rabbit star was with a man or a woman. But Wilson received a lot of online love from supporters who empathized with this actress’s tough situation including Pitch Perfect co-star Skylar Astin. Hornery has, thankfully, admitted his wrongdoing as he said he did not mean for his e-mail to Wilson about breaking the story to come off as a threat and has learned from his mistakes. Fortunately, all of the coming-out drama is behind the Bridesmaids actress where she and her partner can focus on being parents to their first child who was born via surrogacy in November. 

Rebel Wilson’s first same-sex kiss with Charlotte Gainsbourg led to a moment of self-discovery where she realized her attraction to women and had the courage to explore those feelings in real life. You can watch that steamy kiss in the upcoming movie The Almond and the Seahorse coming to select theaters this Friday. 

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