Sylvester Stallone Has Responded To Ex Jennifer Flavin’s Divorce Claims About Money

It’s been less than a week since it was revealed that Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin were headed toward a divorce, but a remarkable amount has happened in that time. New tattoos, new dogs, and, of course, money, are all part of the separation that has now become a legal matter, and Stallone has now responded to accusations that he’s been excessively spending money.

Jennifer Flavin’s Accusations Against Stallone 

Jennifer Flavin’s initial divorce petition accused Sylvester Stallone of “intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets.” In short, Flavin accuses Stallone of spending the couple’s money, specifically as a way to be sure he doesn’t have to share it with her as part of a divorce decree. Flavin’s lawyers asked that Stallone be prevented from selling property or otherwise spending the marital assets. Stallone’s legal team has now responded to those allegations and  according to People, Stallone claims he has engaged in no such behavior. 

Jennifer Flavin has asked for an “unequal” portion of the marital assets due to the alleged flagrant spending that Stallone is accused of engaging in, so these accusations will go to the heart of the legal divorce battle that is to come. A judge will likely rule on the request to prevent the Rambo star from spending before too long. It's not all that uncommon for limits to be put on spending during divorce proceedings. 

The Two Dogs At The Center of The Stallone-Flavin Divorce 

Rumors began to spread of troubles between Stallone and Flavin when it was discovered that a tattoo on the Rocky actor’s arm, that had once been of his wife, had been changed to now be a tattoo of a former beloved dog. Stallone recently got a new dog, which has also become part of the story.

One rumor that sprung up was that the care of the new dog was the reason that Flavin had decided to file for divorce. And while it does appear there were some disagreements between them on caring for the pooch, Stallone has stated that the dog itself was not the cause of the divorce. While it’s certainly possible the dog was an issue, it’s clear that Stallone and Flavin have been having problems for some time.

Divorce is a touchy subject under any circumstances, especially because money is always an issue. When you're talking about the levels of wealth that a movie star obtains, the issues only get larger. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still not divorced after years within the legal system, and the proper division of property is a big part of the reason why, though far from the only one. 

Sylvester Stallone has had nothing but good things to say about Jennifer Flavin since the divorce was announced, saying only that their lives have taken them in different directions. 

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