DC Comics and Warner Bros. dropped a hell of a bombshell this week announcing release dates for films spanning between 2016 and 2020. While it's not as extensive as Marvel's current line up, it looks like a good start for the comic book company's efforts to create a DC Cinematic Continuum.

While there were previously rumored release dates and titles "secured" in the name of DC's future, the release dates have "changed" - which means it's time to go through the calendar for the next six years and begin to predict what Justice League picture goes where, and which Wonder Woman movie gets released when. So get ready for the newly revised and heavily speculated line up for DC's Cinematic Continuum! Let's start with the obvious, shall we?

Batman v Superman
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – March 25, 2016
Why It Should Be This Movie: Besides the fact that this movie was already scheduled, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice should be the film to kick things off for two reasons. First, it continues the story that Man Of Steel already put into motion, with Superman's existence becoming public knowledge. With Batman and Wonder Woman also in operation during this film's events, it builds the pillars of the DC Trinity and prepares the stage for the eventual Justice League film (hence the Dawn of Justice tagline). Heroes, villains, and the DC Continuum are all put into motion and ready to begin a long term odyssey in storytelling.

What Plot It Might Follow: A massive threat, greater than Batman or Superman's singular might, has made itself known. Both heroes, accustomed to fighting crime on their own terms and by themselves, attempt to put an end to this threat – and fail. Their egos fractured, they turn on each other and engage in a battle that will surely kill them, if their enemies don't kill them, then they just might kill each other first. Thankfully, our heroes will eventually get over their differences, and will team together with Wonder Woman to usher in the first era of heroes. Heroes will unite, evil will take note, and the world will see the dawn of justice.

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