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Donnie Yen
While our shots of Donnie Yen are only brief, we seem him doing what he does best. Yen is one of the top action stars out of Hong Kong and the glimpse of him we see here shows us why. Armed with only a staff, he finds himself surrounded by Stormtroopers, though for him that doesn’t appear to be an issue. He may turn out to be the most interesting character of the lot. The Jedi have been the closest things to martial artists that we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe, but our understanding is that nobody on the team actually is one. It gives Yen a unique skill set.

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Jiang Wen
Our one brief glimpse at Jiang Wen shows him running toward a fight, blaster in hand. The trailer makes it look to be the same battle that includes Imperial Walkers attacking, which means he doesn’t lack for courage. The one shot does seem to confirm the information that we do have about his character. Rumors have said that he is the team’s resident gun enthusiast. He’s said to have as many concealed weapons on his body as he has visible ones. He may turn out to be one of our favorites.

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