The Hunger Games Mockingjay Capital Heroes

The final three images are more direct with the toll their districts' roles have on their people. District 7 (above) features a lumberjack cradling a lovingly detailed wooden leg. He's brawny, proud and sexy. But sitting aside a pile of wood, this image suggests he's just another commodity in the eyes of the Capitol. District 4's fisherwoman looks lovely, but the nets that surround her are unsettling when considered with the whole of these photoshoots. Like the fish she's snared, she too is trapped.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Capitol Heroes

And lastly, we see a hunk from Panem's transportation sector, District 6. He's strong and tough, but pants made of tire tread remind us how easily and casually the Capitol runs down all those they consider less. Which yes, means all of these beautiful, exploited heroes.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Capitol Heroes

Be sure to check out The Capitol's website for details "thanks" to each of the heroes above. Lionsgate is masterfully constructing an addictive and world-building tool there. Don't miss out.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 opens November 21st.

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