I'm hearing a lot of good things about the upcoming The Lincoln Lawyer, which may well be the movie that gets us to take Matthew McConaughey seriously as an actor again (think A Time To Kill) and not a hunk of meat romantic comedy stand-in (think Failure to Launch). McConaughey seems to know it too, and is taking his recently renewed cred on to another serious project, the long-in-development Dallas Buyers Club. Any number of actors and directors have been attached to it over the years, from Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling to Marc Forster and Guillermo Ariaga, but now McConaughey seems ready to commit, along with The Young Victoria director Jean Marc Vallee.

According to The LA Times, they're planning to make the film as an independent production; though Universal had been behind it at one point, McConaughey says it's "not exactly the movie that sutdios are throwing money at these days." He's right--The Dallas Buyers Club is based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, a man diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 who, instead of laying down to die, organized a smuggling operation for alternative treatments, prolonging his own life and that of others. It's the kind of true, gritty, inspirational story that doesn't easily equal ticket sales, but can also be made on a modest budget and turn a nice profit, as The Lincoln Lawyer may well do. It's good not just to see McConaughey taking on parts that challenge him, but using that power to put life into projects that are worthwhile but tricky. Way to use those abs for good!

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