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Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce is promising a more modern and character-focused version of Carrie, as she's in the midst of remaking Brian De Palma's 1976 classic. But one look at this first image of Chloe Moretz as the telekinetic teen and you might be getting deja vu. Moretz is missing Sissy Spacek's iconic pale blue eyes, but well, take a look below and see how similar all that blood looks.

Entertainment Weekly debuted that image, along with another one of Julianne Moore as Carrie's fire-breathing mother, the character played by Piper Laurie in the original film. To Moore's credit, she does look a little different from the de Palma film, and even though she's wearing a familiar looking white nightgown, they've ditched the 70s glitz and high collar and gone with something simpler, and much more appropriate for a deranged Christian woman. You can see a cropped image of that photo below, and click on it for the full size version at EW.

For Moore's part, as crazy as she looks here, she's working hard to find a humanity in her character: "What’s sad about it for me is that she’s clearly sick and here’s this poor child in the thrall of this person who is seriously ill. And on top of that, they have this mother-daughter relationship. So we want to make that relationship as meaningful as possible, even though it is horrible and destructive.” And no matter how much these images seem to drive home the idea that there's really no need for a Carrie remake, Moore and Moretz are both obviously talented enough to bring something extra to the table.

Will that something extra be worth seeing? Can we even begin to forget Spacek and Laurie's performances and let this one stand on its own? I have my doubts, but I'm willing to hold off on judging until Carrie finally comes to theaters March 13, 2013.