The Crazy Moment Avengers: Infinity War Actor Paul Bettany Realized How Many Actors Were On Set

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Joe and Anthony Russo's Avengers: Infinity War is going to be big. Historically big, in fact. The behemoth Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster has assembled an unprecedented ensemble of comic book heroes to fight alongside one another, and each look that we receive at the story seems to tease the most epic MCU film yet. Now it sounds like that scale was just as apparent on the set of the film, as Vision actor Paul Bettany opened up in an interview and admitted that he mistook the crew's assortment of trailers for a town during production. Bettany explained:

Then there's the fact that I woke up, and I knew we were shooting in the middle of nowhere. We were shooting an outdoors scene, and we started to descend down into this valley. There's this f-cking town, and I was like "Where the f-ck is this?" I got my phone out and there was nothing there, and that's when I realized there were no buildings, it was all trailers. I've been making movies for 20 years and I've never seen anything that big or bonkers in my life...

By their very nature, productions like an Avengers movie tend to be reasonably big. That said, even with Paul Bettany's wealth of Hollywood experience, it seems that he was utterly taken aback by the sheer scope of some of Infinity War's sequences. It was so big, in fact, that Bettany wandered into a grid of trailers and initially assumed that he had ended up in a town not located on a GPS map. And to think, we thought the airport sequence in Captain America: Civil War was big. This sounds like something else altogether.

Based upon Paul Bettany's description of the "town" of trailers in his interview with Total Film, it sounds like he is describing a similar village of trailers that we got a look at last year while Avengers: Infinity War was actually shooting these sequences. In fact, The Russos dropped a look at the makeshift trailer park on social media, and it was truly something to behold.

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We can't say that we blame Paul Bettany for making a mistake with his initial assumption. That really does look like a small town in which people could actually live.

Now it is just a matter of waiting to see how all of these actors and heroes actually come together to face off against Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his Black Order when the film actually opens. The early trailers and first-looks at the movie seem to tease a multi-front film, with action happening in space, on the plains of Wakanda, and high above New York City. Beyond that, however, we do not have much information concerning how these three storylines will coalesce and bring this army of heroes together.

Audiences will get a chance to see that size and scope come together when Avengers: Infinity War debuts on the silver screen on May 4. Until then, however, make sure to catch Ryan Coogler's Black Panther when the latest Phase 3 solo film premieres on February 16.

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