Hugh Jackman’s Spoiler Free Deadpool 2 Review Is Hilarious And Perfect

With Deadpool 2 debuting in theaters next weekend, screenings have already begun for the eagerly anticipated sequel. The early reactions are incredibly positive, and tease a sequel that could surpass the original. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was even brought to tears by the film. But Rob Liefeld is predisposed to liking Deadpool, and you may or may not agree with the critics. What fans everywhere really need is to hear what Wolverine himself thought. Thankfully, Hugh Jackman has offered up a spoiler free review that is hilarious and perfect in its delivery. Take a gander below:

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As always, Hugh Jackman is brilliant, even in a short Twitter video. I assumed that he would say something positive, but the way he took a deep breath and seemingly worked up to it before saying what he thought had me wondering if he was going to go in another direction. Although he made it out like it pained him to say it and give Ryan Reynolds the satisfaction, the once and future(?) Wolverine swallowed his pride and praises Deadpool 2 as a 'work of genius' and 'epic', which is quite the compliment for a raunchy movie full of sex jokes. Hugh Jackman doesn't elaborate, seemingly mad at himself for admitting to Deadpool 2's greatness, but his review tells us all we need to know and should sell anyone who is still on the fence for some strange reason.

Perhaps the source of Hugh Jackman's feigned frustration is how much he and his Wolverine character are referenced in the original Deadpool, with jokes throughout the film about the Australian actor and the character he portrayed for years. Wolverine is practically a character in the film, his presence felt throughout even in his absence thanks to the references. That looks to continue in Deadpool 2 as well, with the posters and trailers highlighting that the film comes from the studio that killed Wolverine.

Seeing Hugh Jackman even talking about Deadpool is enough to get the wheels turning. Although he retired from playing Wolverine in Fox's X-Verse with last year's brilliant Logan, until there is a new Weapon X, there will always be the hope that Hugh Jackman will come back and unsheathe the claws one more time. Fans and Ryan Reynolds both want Hugh Jackman to make an appearance in a Deadpool movie given how much Wolverine and the Merc with a Mouth cross paths in the comics. And although it appears that Hugh Jackman has hung up the claws for good, Ryan Reynolds is still trying to convince him.

We probably won't be getting Wolverine in Deadpool 2, but the sequel will still feature plenty of badassery from Cable and the X-Force as well as a potential Juggernaut appearance. The Hugh Jackman-approved epic and genius Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th. For all the biggest movies hitting theaters this year, check out our release schedule.

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