Jennifer Aniston Is Playing A Lesbian US President In New Netflix Comedy

Jennifer Aniston in Office Christmas Party

Jennifer Aniston may have gained worldwide fame for her time as Rachel on Friends, but the actress has built up quite the film resume over the years from comedies like Horrible Bosses to dramatic fare like Cake. With the war tale The Yellow Birds and the musical comedy Dumplin' on the way, Aniston has her next movie after those lined up, only rather than being a traditional theatrical release, the project is heading to Netflix. For the streaming service, Aniston will play the first female President of the United States, who is also married to a woman.

Joining Jennifer Aniston on the Netflix political comedy First Ladies is Tig Notaro, who will play the new First Lady. No specific plot details were revealed by Deadline other than that the movie will revolve around the main characters, Beverly and Kasey Nicholson, moving into the White House, and once there, "they'll prove that behind every great woman... is another great woman." Although Aniston hasn't starred in a Netflix project before now, this is the second project for the media giant that she's been announced to star in, as it was previously reported that she'll reunite with Adam Sandler for Murder Mystery.

Tig Notaro in One Mississippi

While primarily known for her comedy work, Tig Notaro, who also wrote First Ladies with Stephanie Allyne, does have some acting experience under her belt with One Mississippi, Punching Henry and the upcoming Dog Days. She also already has a relationship established with Netflix, as her upcoming comedy special, Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here, drops on the service May 22, and she's also directing Ellen Degeneres' Netflix comedy special. Along with Notary, Aniston and Allyne, First Ladies has Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum and Betsy Koch attached as producers, while Chris Henchy will executive produce.

After solely being a DVD rental service, Netflix started working on original content for streaming in 2011, with House of Cards being its first TV series. Two years later, it released its first original movie, the Idris Elba-led Beasts of No Nation. Since then, Netflix has slowly building its movie empire, with recent notable releases including Bright, The Cloverfield Paradox, Mute, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Game Over, Man! and The Week Of. Not all of Netflix's movies have been hits, but the company is doing its best to provide a wide variety of cinematic options for its subscribers to enjoy. Even with only the basic premise being available, First Ladies sounds like it could be one of Netflix's more unique offerings, so it will be interesting to learn more about the story and who will join Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro on the cast.

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