Incredibles 2 Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

Incredibles 2

Fans have been waiting for a decade and a half for a proper Incredibles sequel and now it's almost here. Now, the only question is, is it any good? It would have been quite disappointing to wait this long only to have the movie be bad. However, the good news for Incredibles fans is that the movie is good, in fact, most think it's really good. Our own Eric Eisenberg is one of the lucky few who has seen the film already, and he thinks director Brad Bird has done it again. He gave the film 4.5 stars and believes it's one of Pixar's greatest films ever.

Brad Bird is one of the best filmmakers working in the industry today, and prior to this latest effort made what can unequivocally be called two of Pixar's best movies. Now that statement can be updated to say that he's made three of Pixar's best.

So far, the vast majority of the response to Incredibles 2 comes in a variety of flavors of positive. Many, like iO9's Germaine Lussier, have opinions on par (Parr?) with our own, that Incredibles 2 isn't just good, it's something truly special.

It's not just a great superhero movie, it's a great sequel, and a great Pixar movie too. Incredibles 2 is an absolute delight that was worth the long wait.

The Hollywood Reporter doesn't go quite so far as to say Incredibles 2 is one of the best Pixar movies ever, but it is clearly good and worth seeing.

Boosted by central characters that remain vastly engaging and a deep supply of wit, Incredibles 2 certainly proves worth the wait, even if it hits the target but not the bull's eye in quite the way the first one did.

Of course, it's virtually impossible for everybody to love any given movie, and while most heap praise on Incredibles 2, there are those that didn't think the sequel hit the mark. Variety thinks the film, while not without its charm, ultimately rehashes the original and doesn't do much, if anything, new.

It's got a touch of the first film's let's-try-it-on spirit, and it's a perfectly snappy and chucklesome and heartfelt entertainment, with little retro felicities you latch onto, yet something is missing: the thrill of discovery --- the crucial sensation that the movie is taking us someplace we haven't been.

Similarly, Slate praises the technology on display in Incredibles 2 but feels that the story isn't nearly as absorbing as it should be.

Incredibles 2 is a movie that lavishes attention on the details but loses sight of the whole, where you can't see the forest for the meticulously rendered trees.

Whether or not Incredibles 2 is worth the wait will certainly be decided by each viewer as they see it, but for most it certainly appears to have been so, which is good news for those of us that have missed the Parr family for 14 years and are excited to see them again when the film debuts this Friday.

Dirk Libbey
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