First Look At Vanessa Hudgens In New Royal Netflix Rom-Com

Netflix's original movies run the gamut from low budget to quite expensive, but some of its most charming stories don't always have a high price tag attached. Netflix has already found some success with romantic movies featuring royalty thanks to A Christmas Prince, and now the subscription streaming service has brought in Vanessa Hudgens to star in another movie featuring royalty. You can take a look at what she looks like in a fluffy ball gown in The Princess Switch, below.

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Vanessa Hudgens' look in what Netflix is calling The Princess Switch, and which she is calling The Christmas Switch above, is a far cry from something like her Spring Breakers character. A crown really goes a long way to make a woman look princess-y and that white ball gown definitely helps as well, as does standing by an actor dressed like a prince. We've had princesses on the brain thanks to Meghan Markle's fairytale story lately, and Netflix will capitalize on this with another Royals-oriented movie, only this one will be a little like The Prince and the Pauper.

Not to be confused with the Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston movie The Switch, The Princess/Christmas Switch will follow a duchess who finds her look-a-like in a commoner one day. The two decide to swap places, and both women will fall in love with men who don't actually know who they truly are. Shenanigans presumably follow. Vanessa Hudgens will play both look-a-like characters in the movie, and Sam Palladio, of Nashville fame, will also star. We don't know exactly when this new movie will be hitting the streaming service, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as a trailer and more news is available.

If you are a fan of these sorts of romantic movies, both Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel are fond of doing Royal-oriented romantic movies (especially around the holidays), and now it looks as if Netflix is trying to get into the same game. Last year's A Christmas Prince seems to have done well for the service in terms of viewership, although many watchers were not super enamored with it. A sequel to that movie is already in the works, called The Royal Wedding, and the movie will follow Amber and Richard navigating their relationship while also working together to help him figure out taking over the throne. At some point, Netflix will likely figure have a whole slew of these types of movies in its lineup, in which case its competitors will need to watch their backs, or their scripts, at least.

Just don't mess with Crown for Christmas, Netflix. That Hallmark classic stars Danica McKellar and is pretty much perfect.

While Netflix's borrowed content has shrunk over time, there are plenty of original programs on the way. To find out what is heading to Netflix in the coming months, you can take a look at our full Netflix movies schedule, or see what is heading to the service in terms of TV.

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