Netflix’s Controversial 365 Days May Not Have Gotten Removed, But Some TikTok Videos About It Got Cut

365 Days Netflix

For a while there, Netflix’s 365 Days was all the rage on the streaming service. However, there were a slew of people calling for the sex-filled movie to be pulled from Netflix during the time it was topping the subscription streamer’s Top 10 list. While that didn’t happen, TikTok did step in and remove some posts after users weren’t handling the material in a way the service felt  was appropriated and was instead breaking its terms of use.

If you know much about TikTok, you should already know that crazes sort of go around on the video platform. There was the time parents filmed their babies crying during Frozen II and the time that a lot of people attempted Cameron Diaz’s wine challenge. Both of those things were in good fun. The 365 Days TikTok videos were mimicking scenes from the Netflix movie and was using the Netflix film to reportedly joke about sexual violence, even including bruises in the posts.

The now-deleted footage featured video content where users showed bruises and more with captions joking about sexual violence. One video showed bruising and allegedly featured the caption: "Decided to watch 365 days with my 'guy friend.’" A TikTok spokesperson who reached out to Newsweek about the video bannings noted:

Following a review, we have concluded that some of the content posted violates our Community Guidelines and has been removed. Our top priority is to promote a safe and positive experience so that everyone can be free to express their creativity. Every day, our teams work to strengthen the policies, technologies and safety strategies that keep our community safe.

Plenty of other 365 Days videos exist and have been popular on the platform. Some of them are even, erm, informative.


Netflix's 365 Days once topped the service's major Top 10 list, but it's been some time since it was one of the most popular pieces of content on Netflix. Still, it's able to be viewed even now on the streamer, despite some peoples' complaints. The movie follows a dom/sub relationship that is much steamier and more controversial than the one shown in Fifty Shades of Grey, in particular because 365 Days' lead female character, Laura, is kidnapped and given 365 days to fall in love with her captor, Massimo. The Polish movie was released earlier this year in February, hitting Netflix over the summer.

At the time many people were watching the film, others were signing a petition mentioning that the movie may be more about Stockholm Syndrome and less about sexual exploration. Yet, it has been exceedingly popular to watch and react to on social media platforms. There is an inherent shock value to the sex shown in the movie, which includes graphic sex scenes outside on a boat and in other locations. 2020 has been featured more than one content controversy for Netflix, but 365 Days (aka 365 DNI) looks like it around to stay.

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