5 Marvel Characters Emily Blunt Would Be Perfect To Play

Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

From portraying feisty aspiring fashionistas, federal agents tormented by a breach in moral ethics, or even enchanted unicorns lured into a life of evil by a broken horn, it seems like there is no end to what Emily Blunt is capable of as an actress. While starring in Edge of Tomorrow, an adaptation of the 2014 manga All You Need is Kill, and the upcoming Netflix original Ball and Chain does qualify the Golden Globe winner as a comic book star, she still has yet to lend her talents to a super heroic (or even super villainous) role that the Marvel movies would be happy to grant her. Why has this dream not become a reality yet?

Well, it has not been for a lack of trying as the 37-year-old native Londoner has admitted to turning down the chance to star as two different characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Black Widow (which would go to Scarlett Johansson, of course) and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Peggy Carter - now the best known role of fellow British actress Hayley Atwell. Since then, Emily Blunt has continued to top lists of whom fans believe would be a perfect choice to play currently uncast comic book movie roles, such as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel before it ultimately went to Brie Larson, and another, more recently, whom we will mention soon enough.

We happen to agree with the widely shared public opinion that Emily Blunt would make a kick-ass Marvel character in the MCU and greatly anticipate the moment she finally says “Yes,” which cannot be too much further along considering she is already in good graces with the House of Mouse. Speaking of which, the first of our five top choices for Marvel characters we believe the actress should sign on for calls the setting of her latest upcoming Disney movie home.

Shanna, the She-Devil

Shanna, The She-Devil

In Jungle Cruise, which is set for a Summer 2021 release after Covid-19 related setbacks, Emily Blunt plays a scientist who enlists the help of a riverboat captain played by Dwayne Johnson to help find the Tree of Life. A character who would not need any extra assistance on such a journey is Shanna Plunder (née O’Hara), a zoologist with the strength of “10 men” who lives among the animals as their sworn protector. This fierce She-Devil and her husband Ka-Zar also have a connection to Marvel’s Secret Invasion event (which has been rumored to be the MCU’s next big “saga”), giving greater probability to a sooner-than-later live action debut and another chance for Blunt to star alongside her husband, John Krasinski, if he were to be cast as Shanna’s Tarzan-esque spouse.

Namora just living her best life in her natural habitat


Another way that Emily Blunt and her other half could become MCU royalty together would be to cast John Krasinski as Namor the Sub-Mariner, Marvel’s less-popular Atlantean predecessor to DC’s Aquaman, and make Blunt his fellow superhero wife, Marrina. However, since Krasinski as the mutant sounds a little too much like a long shot in my opinion, that would leave open the role of his similarly powered cousin Aquaria Neptunia (otherwise known by her nickname Namora), who might be better off leading her own movie anyway with there being one successful aquatic male superhero in Hollywood already. Plus, there is another pair of married superheroes Blunt and Krasinski could play whom we have yet to mention.

Firestar is looking like a star


Speaking of Marvel characters who could easily be mistaken for one of DC fame, Firestar has no relation - I promise - to Starfire, an alien princess and Teen Titans member who wears a purple suit and is skilled in energy manipulation. Firestar, the alter ego of Angelica Jones, is an Earth-born mutant and frequent X-Men and Avengers collaborator who wears a yellow suit is skilled in energy manipulation. However, unlike Starfire, Firestar has never graced the silver screen to fight alongside her fellow super-powered friends in any capacity and Emily Blunt seems like a great candidate to me to explore the character’s challenges with discovering and perfecting the use of all that she is capable of in a future Marvel Cinematic installment.

Sorceress Supreme Clea


To take another cue from notable titles in Emily Blunt’s filmography, after giving a Golden Globe-nominated performance as an omnipotent nanny in Mary Poppins Returns, I imagine she might want to play someone who would channel such abilities into something bigger and more practical than playtime with the kids. That is indeed the mission of Clea, who was the natural heir and ruler of the Dark Dimension before falling in love with Stephen Strange and embarking on various adventures to use magic as a force of good as husband and wife (until their more recent separation, that is). Not only would it be fun to see Blunt play a witch who is a bit meaner than the Disney darling, it would be amusing to explore Clea and Stephen’s relationship in a future Doctor Strange movie, despite it not being the most sought after MCU romance among fans.

Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic

Invisible Woman

Marvel’s first family and one of its most celebrated superhero teams has yet to star in a big screen adaptation to universally satisfy fan, but the official induction of the Fantastic Four into the MCU since Fox merged with Disney in 2019, bringing us one step closer to seeing the Fantastic Four in the MCU. Now, if Marvel Studios really wants to make their most devoted disciples happy, they will take their, admittedly, brilliant suggestion of casting the married John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as the married Reed and Susan Richards (otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman). Not only do they both look the parts and have made a name for themselves as action stars, but their real-life chemistry translates beautiful on screen (see A Quiet Place), making this already perfect match in real-life a perfect match to play a fictional perfect match.

What do you think? Are you also one of the millions who believe that the MCU could not do better than casting this power couple as this super-powered couple, or do you think Miles Teller and Kate Mara had better onscreen chemistry? I would, personally, be quite astonished to hear someone claim such a thing, but would be delighted to hear an explanation, so let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on Emily Blunt’s career and the potential of her joining the MCU, as well as even more hypothetical comic book movie casting sessions, here on CinemaBlend.

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