Megan Fox Shuts Down The Drama After Anti-Mask Rumors Related To Her Swirled

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

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Megan Fox has been a massive Hollywood celebrity ever since her debut in Michael Bay’s wildly successful Transformers movie. And in her personal life, 34-year-old actress is currently going through a divorce with Brian Austin Green, as she moves on and gets serious with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. But in the midst of all this public attention, rumors recently swirled regarding Fox’s stance toward wearing masks as protection against the COVID-19 pandemic and, now, the actress is responding to the rumors.

A photoshopped Instagram post made the rounds on Twitter on Friday that had Megan Fox sharing that she “noticed comments” questioning her decision to not wear a mask. The fake post quoted that Fox had decided to “trust the universe” to keep her and her family safe and skip wearing masks. The post was never actually shared on her personal and verified Instagram as the deceiving and viral screenshot showed. To shut down the misinformation, Fox shared this:

Megan Fox Instagram story about anti-mask rumor`

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It’s unfortunate that Megan Fox had to apologize for something she had nothing to do with. As you’ll be able to see next to the fake post that caused the rumors, Megan Fox did implement the same caption for a 2014 post about anti-bullying, long before the COVID-19 pandemic or masks were a twinkle in fate’s eyes. Instead of the note spreading anti-mask rhetoric, she had actually posted a quote that said “A hateful journey cannot have a peaceful mind.” See them next to one another:

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The viral moment comes on the heels of Gina Carano’s firing from Lucasfilm after stirring up fans on her Twitter account (for real) with anti-mask sentiments along with posting about voter fraud associated with the recent presidential election that saw Donald Trump’s exit after one term as U.S. Commander-in-chief. Carano has claimed that she was bullied by Disney and Lucasfilm for her beliefs ultimately leading to her sharp exit from The Mandalorian.

Megan Fox’s situation may be directly following Gina Carano’s but, in the case of the Transformer star, she has been pinned by the internet, rather than saying any statements herself. The actress dealt with a completely different controversy over the summer, when old footage resurfaced of Fox recalling her audition with Michael Bay, which some believed involved her working on his car in a bikini.

The actress responded to an outpouring of backlash toward the director by refuting the claims and defending the experience. Fox has also become more open in the past few years about how being objectified for her roles in Transformers and Jennifer’s Body affected her life negatively at the time. This includes Diablo Cody’s horror movie being marketed in the wrong light to sell it to men over its intended female targeted audience.

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