Taylor Swift Fans Can't Get Enough Of Sophie Turner Listening To Her Songs About Joe Jonas

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Since Taylor Swift’s first six albums were sold by Scooter Braun in 2019, the multi-platinum artist has decided to re-release her early music in order to control the rights. That has started with her newly recorded version of 2008’s Fearless, which Swifties began listening to this week. The album famously involved some heart-wrenching tracks about her breakup with Joe Jonas. And funny enough, Jonas’ wife, X-Men’s Sophie Turner, is totally jamming out to said music, and Swift is in full support.

2008 was a long time ago, and it shows. These days, Taylor Swift no longer has sour feelings toward the Jonas Brothers member who reportedly broke up with her over the phone in “like 27 seconds” when she was 18 and he was 19. She even seems to be friends with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Back in the day, their breakup inspired some great music, including “Forever & Always,” and fans believe Jonas is also the subject of a song she added to the album “from the vault” called “Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

Taylor Swift is impeccable at leaving Easter Eggs in her songs, and in the new track, she leaves a couple of clues that connect “Forever & Always” to “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” And then, Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner posted the song on her Instagram story, saying “it is not NOT a bop.” Check out what Taylor Swift said in response:

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner talking about Mr. Perfectly Fine song about Joe Jonas

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Taylor Swift reposted Sophie Turner playing “Mr. Perfectly Fine” and commented “forever bending a knee for the Queen of the North.” Get it? She said “forever” again, but this time, it’s about Joe Jonas’ wife. Swift is a huge Game of Thrones fan, and this small exchange has Swifties through the roof thinking about how the tables have turned in the past thirteen years since the song was first released:

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Since the cute exchange happened between Joe Jonas’ famous ex and his wife, fans are imagining Sophie Turner blasting Taylor Swift’s song about him in their home with some hilarious imagery to what it might feel like for the Jonas brother:

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This would be the equivalent of your S.O. having the diaries their ex from their teenage years wrote about them years later. And those lyrics are savage! Taylor Swift talks about how the subject of the song “never told me why” or “never had to see my cry,” which perhaps feels pointed to that short phone call she infamously put him on blast for the breakup while guest starring on The Ellen Show in 2008.

When Taylor Swift returned the show in 2019, she said her and Jonas “laugh about it” now, and Joe responded by saying “We’re all friends and it’s all good.” The lack of drama between Swift and Jonas isn’t stopping fans from having some more fun about the Sophie Turner moment:

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Taylor Swift recently seemed to open up about growing out of her teenage days with Joe Jonas during her Disney+ film folklore: the long pond studio sessions, where she talked about writing an upbeat song “invisible string” when she was thinking how great life was after sending a baby gift to one of her exes. Many believe that gift was to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who were expecting their first child at the time the song was written.

Taylor Swift is happy and in love with boyfriend Joe Alywn, along with Joe and Sophie being couple goals. So no hard feelings these days, but let’s have fun with one more funny fan tweet:

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Taylor Swift’s new version of Fearless is out now, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner likely have their hands full with their eight-month-old child Willa between their own projects.

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