The Funny Way Chris Pratt Is Using His Mother To Promote Amazon’s Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt holding on to his onscreen daughter in The Tomorrow War trailer

Chris Pratt became the conductor of The Tomorrow War promo train. At times, the actor has appeared to be more hyped about the film than moviegoers. With the sci-fi film’s release date only weeks away, the Jurassic World: Dominion star’s promo run has gone into overdrive with a family twist. Pratt shared a funny endorsement using his mother to promote Amazon’s The Tomorrow War.

Chris Pratt took to his Instagram about the Amazon sci-fi action film. Unlike his usual promotions for The Tomorrow War, Pratt decided to give this post a sweet motherly touch. According to the movie star, his mom gave the film a ringing endorsement. Check out the Hollywood actor's cute post below:

Chris Pratt Instagram Stories screenshot

Given how much Chris Pratt loves family, the sweet endorsement from his mom is completely on brand. The actor has made it his mission to highlight his family on social media. Plus, many post-shutdown releases have seen Hollywood stars using every form of media to push their work given current limitations. So Pratt’s cute Insta Story is a nice and fun family moment for promoting The Tomorrow War.

Chris Pratt’s funny and sweet endorsement highlighted an ongoing phenomenon in film and television ads. His mom’s words were a nod to the countless film advertisements where critics’ words are used to sell the project to the public. It serves as a meta-moment where Pratt is currently selling The Tomorrow War to moviegoers with some family help. Sometimes, critical praise can take a backseat if your parent’s 100% behind you.

But his mom’s endorsement wasn’t the only time Chris Pratt’s family has pitched in to promote The Tomorrow War. His wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, made a ringing endorsement for the Amazon sci-fi film while praising her husband. In today’s world, word of mouth and celebrity endorsement has more weight than those film critics. Plus, it wouldn’t be a regular day if the Pratts were praising and endorsing each other’s work online. It’s sweet to see Pratt’s family push the film as much as the star.

Chris Pratt’s promotions for The Tomorrow War have been no joke. Even before the official trailer arrived, Pratt had been hyping the action film. He even stated Amazon would reap the benefits of buying it from Paramount. At this point, it could be argued that the actor has been doing a better job with the film’s promo compared to the actual film studio. With all this promotion, I hope Pratt and his family are reaping some major benefits for plugging the Amazon film.

Getting the family involved is always an enjoyable way to make a project go smoother as seen by the Chris Pratt hype train. Hopefully, all this promotion will pay off when The Tomorrow War arrives on Prime Video on July 2.

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