Halle Berry Bares All In Topless Photo In Support Of Pride Month

Halle Berry has long known how to command our attention and this month there’s a particular cause she’s wanted to spotlight: Pride Month. The actress donned a rainbow skirt and pretty much nothing else to celebrate and bring visibility to the big June event.

Halle Berry has taken a lot of fashion risks over the last year in particular. Like many of the folks who take to the streets to celebrate Pride in myriad ways during the month of June, Berry ultimately decided to bare it all, choosing to celebrate in a free-flowing topless look featuring a rainbow skirt and locks of hair cascading down her back. She shared the look on Instagram with her 7 million followers, many of whom commented on the post, calling it "pretty" and more in a general thumbs up at her look.

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Halle Berry captioned her post with “love is always the answer” and a rainbow emoji, of course. It’s also worth noting she shared her post on June 28th, the same day a lot of cities choose to remember the the Stonewall Protests and Riots which occurred on that day in New York in 1969. It was a big day for posts related to Pride Month on social and Berry was among those who shared their support loud and clear.

In fact, it’s actually been a big month for LGBTQ Pride moments on social and a lot of celebrities have gotten involved, whether that be big names like Halle Berry, Jojo Siwa -- who is celebrating her first Pride since coming out earlier this year -- or more. Megan Fox also had a big moment over the weekend. The notably bisexual actress had shared a post that also went viral after coming out back in 2009 in an interview with Esquire.

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As for Halle Berry, she’s had a big fashion year+, going pants-free during the pandemic. She even channeled her Catwoman days with a new catsuit and also memorably wore a red carpet dress whilst stuck at home. (That latter move won her a lot of praise from other celebrities, including Jamie Foxx and Arsenio Hall.) Her memorable look for Pride month only continues that streak and I can’t wait to see what she gets into next.

On the fashion front, Halle Berry's future may still be a surprise yet to come. However, on the acting front, next up Halle Berry will star in Roland Emmerich’s big upcoming film Moonfall, which will see her play an astronaut-turned-administrator stuck in the middle of trying to save the planet from imminent doom. She’s also currently filming other sci-fi movie The Mothership. To see what movies are headed to the schedule soon, take a look at our full movies release schedule.

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