Matt Damon Reveals There's A Major Difference For JLo And Ben Affleck Now That They're Back Together Again

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After 16 years apart, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are reunited (and it feels so good). It's been giving us all the early 2000s nostalgia and “Jenny from the Block”- era feels. But what is the actual difference for their relationship this time around the block? Well, Affleck’s boy, Matt Damon, has at least one idea on how it's changed.

Lately, actor Matt Damon has been pretty busy himself, promoting his latest film, Stillwater. But it seems he has time to spare to gas up his buddy’s relationship. When asked about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on Desus & Mero, Damon shared:

Well, yeah, it's weird. I have to say, the press was particularly terrible to them, like, 18 years ago. So what's nice is that at least they're being nice this time around. … They're on vacation right now, but he still responded when I hit him up about the Red Sox yesterday. ...You still have priorities!

Matt Damon tells no lies. That era was particularly defined by an excessive interest in “Bennifer” as the “it” celebrity couple, and probably to its detriment. Only a few years ago, JLo herself reflected on that time to CBS Sunday Morning and shared that Ben Affleck didn’t like being in the tabloids. Moreover, she said it was “scary” and “overwhelming” for the both of them. Obviously, the interest is still apparent when it comes their renewed romance today, but it seems to come more out of nostalgia than vehement obsession, which I guess is indeed a nice change of pace.

But Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seasoned fame veterans now. In fact, they have been leaning into the nostalgia of their new relationship’s moment. While vacationing together recently, the couple were even seen recreating one of their most iconic Bennifer music video moments: the “Jenny from the Block” butt grab on a yacht (via InTouch Weekly). Before that, the two were even spotted co-mingling with their families at Universal Studios Hollywood. So things are clearly getting serious, and JLo's ex A-Rod apparently wants to keep the pace of appearing to not give a flying you-know-what about the sudden changes in recent months.

In Matt Damon’s own words though, Ben Affleck still has his priorities in order, no matter what's going on with JLo. Damon and Affleck, too, are giving me flashbacks. That is, the Good Will Hunting kind. The Academy Award-winning duo teamed up again last year to co-write and star in The Last Duel, directed by Ridley Scott. The 14th century tale is set to be released in October of this year.

It's a crazy time to be alive as a Bennifer stan, surely. But never forget, the true love story will always be that of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s friendship.

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