ReelBlend Podcast #30 - Skyscraper Tanks, Comic-Con Preview And Michelle Pfeiffer's Best Role

The #Blend game this week was a winner. The guys debate the BEST film performance by Michelle Pfeiffer, and they all made different picks.

ReelBlend Podcast #29 - Our Trip To Paris To Interview Tom Cruise

We're not going to get to say this every week. But the most recent episode of ReelBlend was recorded in Paris, after the hosts had a chance to interview Tom Cruise on the Mission: Impossible Fallout red carpet in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

HeroBlend Podcast #14: San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Preview

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #14! Every summer brings us plenty of reveals in the world of superhero movies, and since many of those reveals come to us from the halls of San Diego Comic-Con, we're hoping this year will be no different!

HeroBlend Podcast #13: Ant-Man And The Wasp Spoilers + Peyton Reed Interview

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #13! Ant-Man and The Wasp is finally in theaters, so now is the perfect time to let you in on all the important parts of the film, from what Eric and Adrienne thought of it overall to a full, spoiler-filled conversation!

ReelBlend Podcast #28: Spoiler-Free Ant-Man And The Wasp Reviews And The Best Movies Of 2018

And this week's #Blend game surrounds the films of Tim Burton. Burton has been a beloved filmmaker for many a year, and he brings a very distinct style and voice to his stories. But what movie qualifies as Tim Burton's BEST movie?

The Cord Cutter Podcast #49: Netflix In July

Mick and Jeff talk about all the things coming to Netflix in July.

HeroBlend Podcast #12: What We Know So Far About Spider-Man: Far From Home

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #12! The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, now officially titled Spider-Man: Far From Home, is due out next year, so it seems like a good time for Eric and Adrienne to talk over what we know (and what we think we know) about the new movie.

ReelBlend Podcast #27: The Second-Best Jurassic Movie, And Schwarzenegger's Best One-Liners

This week's big conversation had to do with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which the guys finally were able to discuss in great detail... and that means SPOILERS.

ReelBlend Podcast #26: Incredibles 2 Spoilers, Star Wars On Pause, And Jurassic Reactions

The boys also recorded this week's episode on the anniversary of the release of Steven Spielberg's Jaws, so the co-hosts talk about why this movie's legacy has remained so strong.

ReelBlend Podcast #25: Ocean's 8 Spoiler Talk, First Man Trailer And Wonder Woman 1984 News

All three hosts are back together this week for a monumental episode of ReelBlend! It's episode #25, which is a landmark... but only means that we have so many more exciting episodes still to bring you.

HeroBlend Podcast #10: How Is Steve Trevor In Wonder Woman 1984?

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #10! Buckle up, folks, because Eric and Adrienne have a lot of cool superhero news to talk about this week, including some exciting developments on the Wonder Woman sequel!

HeroBlend Podcast #9: Do People Even Want A Jared Leto Joker Movie?

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #9! A lot of exciting superhero (and supervillain) news has dropped this week, and our hosts, Eric and Adrienne, are here to break it all down for you!

ReelBlend Podcast #24: Hereditary Reactions, Joker News And Debating Hitchcock's Best Movie

Oh, Hereditary. You disturbing, unnerving film. Kevin and Sean discuss what they like about the movie, but fear not. They stay clear of all spoilers, as this is the type of movie that you need to see as clean and unspoiled as possible.

HeroBlend Podcast #8: Solo Box Office Fallout, X-Force And The Incredibles 2

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #8! Eric and Adrienne have lots to cover this week, everyone, so join in as they talk Solo box office fallout, potential X-Force movie cast members and preview The Incredibles 2!

ReelBlend Podcast #23: Why Solo Underperformed, And Reviewing 2001 In 70mm

This week's #Blend game was always going to be #StarWarsBlend, and that fit really well as the guys talked about Solo, Boba Fett, Obi-wan and more. So, what movies did the guys think are the three BEST Star Wars movies? Their choices might surprise you.

HeroBlend Podcast #7: Solo: A Star Wars Story Spoiler Discussion

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #7! Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally in theaters, and, this week, we will get into a full-blown spoiler discussion about the latest tale in the Star Wars universe.

ReelBlend Podcast #22: Rob Liefeld Joins The Show For Spoiler-Filled Deadpool 2 Talk

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld joined the guys for a full hour. And if you like the Deadpool movies, Marvel Comics and the MCU, and basically superhero entertainment in general, this one is a CAN'T MISS!

HeroBlend Podcast #6: Deadpool 2 Spoilers

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #6! It's finally here, folks. Deadpool 2 is finally in theaters, and, this week, Eric and Adrienne will get into a full-blown spoiler discussion about the latest tale featuring everyone's favorite Merc with the Mouth!

ReelBlend Podcast #21: Spoiler-Free Deadpool 2 Reviews And Debating The Best Godfather Movie

This week's episode has been dedicated to Deadpool 2, which opened in theaters last night (so go see it). If you have been following the guys on social media, you probably know that Kevin is all in on this sequel.

HeroBlend Podcast #5: Deadpool 2 Predictions, Infinity War VFX discussion w/ Weta Digital And Infinity War Post-Mortem

Welcome to the fifth edition of the HeroBlend Podcast! Well, Avengers: Infinity War has ruled the box office for a couple of weeks now, but it's about to get some fierce competition from Deadpool 2! This week, Eric and Adrienne will talk about some predictions for the Merc with the Mouth's second film, as well as update you on some new Infinity War info that's come out in the last week. We've also got an interview with the movie's Visual Effects Supervisor, Weta Digital's Matt Aitkin!

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