HeroBlend #47: James Gunn Returns To Guardians 3!

Welcome to HeroBlend #47! Eric and Adrienne have big news to discuss today, because James Gunn has returned to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!

HeroBlend #46: Avengers: Endgame Trailer Reactions And Captain Marvel's MCU Future

Welcome to HeroBlend #46! This week Eric and Adrienne will talk about their reactions to the newest (and finale) Avengers: Endgame trailer and discuss their hopes for the future of Captain Marvel in the MCU!

ReelBlend #60: Sean at SXSW And Our Interview With Captive State's Rupert Wyatt

There are a number of highly anticipated movies coming to theaters in the next few weeks.

HeroBlend #45: Captain Marvel Spoiler Review And Shazam! Early Reaction

Welcome to HeroBlend #45! This week, Eric and Adrienne have their full spoiler reviews of Captain Marvel (after a brief non-spoiler chat) plus Eric's early reaction to Shazam!

ReelBlend #59: The Netflix Vs Spielberg Debate And An Exciting Announcement
HeroBlend #44: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Interview And Doom Patrol

Welcome to HeroBlend #44! This time around Eric and Adrienne have a cool interview with some of the filmmakers behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as well as their thoughts on DC Universe's Doom Patrol!

ReelBlend #58: The Irishman Trailer And The Academy Awards Recap

This finally puts a button on a lengthy awards season that dates all the way back to September.

HeroBlend #43: Netflix Says Bye Bye To Marvel And Eric's Captain Marvel Reaction

Welcome to HeroBlend #43! This week, Eric and Adrienne have lots of Marvel and DC TV updates to give you. We'll talk about some Disney + news, go over what we know about the demise of Marvel shows on Netflix and then have Eric tell us why we should all be keeping up with Gotham on Fox!

HeroBlend #42: We Saw 15 Minutes of Shazam!

Welcome to HeroBlend #42! Eric and Adrienne have a big show for you today; we'll answer some listener questions up top, then dive into news, Avengers: Endgame costume reveals and Eric's thoughts on the Shazam! sneak peek he got to see!

ReelBlend #56: Our Interview With Robert Rodriguez

Talking Alita: Battle Angel, and more!

HeroBlend #41: The LEGO Movie 2 And Casting Batman

Welcome to HeroBlend #41! This week, Eric and Adrienne will dive into the new trailers for Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel, plus try their hands at casting Batman and give a spoiler free review of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part!

ReelBlend #55: LEGO 2 Reviews, Jake Gyllenhaal And Meeting James Cameron
ReelBlend #54: SAG Reactions, Lady Gaga Live And Interviewing Richard Dreyfuss
HeroBlend #40: The Batman, Ben Affleck, And A Birds of Prey First Look

Welcome to HeroBlend #40! Eric and Adrienne have a veritable DCpalooza of topics for you today, including big updates on Ben Affleck and The Batman, Birds of Prey and much more!

HeroBlend #39: Shazam! Set Visit And The Punisher Season 2 Review

Welcome to HeroBlend #39! Eric and Adrienne are going over the major reveals from CinemaBlend's visit to the Shazam! set last year and giving a full spoiler review of The Punisher Season 2!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #56: Netflix In February

Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #56! The first month of the new year is almost over, and Mick, Adrienne and Jeff are ready to fill you in on all the cool new things coming to Netflix in February!

ReelBlend #53: Breaking Down The Biggest Oscar Storylines
HeroBlend #38: Glass Spoiler Review And Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Reactions

Welcome to HeroBlend #38! Join Eric and Adrienne as they give their...animated and spoiler-filled Glass reviews, reactions to the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and discuss superhero movies during this year's awards season!

ReelBlend #52: Spoiler-Free Glass Reviews, Critics Choice Stories And Keanu Reeves
HeroBlend #37: Visiting The Set Of Captain Marvel

Welcome to HeroBlend #37! The new year has brought us quite a gift, as Eric and Adrienne can now talk all about Eric's visit to the set of Captain Marvel! Plus, we've also got a spoiler-free review of Glass for you this week!

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