ReelBlend Podcast #44: Honoring Stan Lee And Fantastic Beasts 2 Reviews

ReelBlend is slowly transitioning back into AwardsBlend (shout out to our earliest listeners) as the Oscar season ramps up into full swing.

HeroBlend #30: Avengers 4 Updates, Plus A Mixed Bag Of MCU And DCEU News

Welcome to HeroBlend #30! Hold on tight, ladies and gents, because this week finds Eric and Adrienne talking about a whole host of intriguing news items from the worlds of Marvel and DC!

ReelBlend Podcast #43: Gladiator 2 Problems, Netflix Changes And A New Game

The London episode of ReelBlend was so epic, the guys needed time to recuperate.

HeroBlend #29: Avengers 4 Trailer Expectations And Major PG-13 Deadpool 2 Updates

Welcome to HeroBlend #29! This week, Eric and Adrienne are going to talk about potential premieres for the Avengers 4 trailer, plus what they'd like to see featured in that highly-anticipated video, discuss what we can expect from the PG-13 Deadpool 2, go over expectations for the Marvel shows that are scheduled to hit Disney's new streaming service next year, and (in honor of Halloween) reveal their Top 5 live-action superhero costumes!

HeroBlend #28: Wonder Woman Date Change, Daredevil Spoiler Talk And A DC Titans Review

Welcome to HeroBlend #28! We've got some big news about the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 this week, along with reviews of Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix and DC Universe's first original series, Titans, plus some word on who might be taking over directing duties from James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #53: Netflix in November

Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #53! Fall is in full swing and November is right around the corner. Mick, Adrienne and Jeff are here to let you in on all the awesome movies and TV shows you can binge while sipping your hot apple cider!

ReelBlend Podcast #42: Bohemian Rhapsody Talk And A London Meet-Up With Fans

We spent time talking about the incredible fan meet-up we held at The King's Head in Mayfair, where we got to hang out with some amazing ReelBlend listeners.

HeroBlend #27: What Will DC Do With Batman And Superman?

Welcome to HeroBlend #27! The DCEU is, reportedly, switching things up and possibly looking to move on from Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. So, it's time for Adrienne and special guest co-host, ReelBlend's Sean O'Connell, to talk all about what that move could mean for the cinematic universe going forward!

HeroBlend #26: Why James Gunn Is Great For Suicide Squad 2 And Ryan Coogler Back For Black Panther 2

Welcome to HeroBlend #26! This week has brought us some big news in the world of superhero movies, so Eric and Adrienne are ready to give all the details to you. Get ready for deep discussions on James Gunn's potential move to the DCEU, our hosts reactions to Venom and the word on the latest trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass!

ReelBlend Podcast #41: James Gunn To DC And A Battle Over El Royale

Unpredictable. That's the word we're using to describe ReelBlend Episode 41.

HeroBlend #25: Venom Reaction

Welcome to HeroBlend #25! Today, Eric and Adrienne welcome special a guest, ReelBlend co-host/CinemaBlend Managing Editor and all around Spider-Man fanatic, Sean O'Connell to the show. Sean has seen Venom, and he's here to answer all our questions and give us all the spoilery details about the long-anticipated film that we can handle!

ReelBlend Podcast #40: Venom Reviews, And Jake Breaks The First Man Tie

On this week's episode, Sean, Kevin and Jake are finally able to settle their First Man tie -- with Kevin loving it and Sean just liking it.

HeroBlend #24: Dark Phoenix Trailer Surprises, Aquaman Footage Spoilers And Big Birds Of Prey Updates

Welcome to HeroBlend #24! This week we've got some big reveals to discuss with you, so Eric and Adrienne are going to get into their thoughts on the first X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer, Eric's thoughts on the new Aquaman footage he got a chance to see, and all the cool details that were just released about DC's Birds of Prey movie!

The Cord Cutter Podcast #52: Netflix In October

Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #52! October is coming up fast and furious, and Mick, Adrienne and Jeff are ready to let you know about all the cool stuff coming to Netflix for the month!

ReelBlend Podcast #39: Venom Previews, Defending Life Itself And Our Fave Eddie Murphy Movies

We're in a limbo, as film fans. The summer blockbuster season has drawn to a close for yet another year, but we're not quite into the Fall prestige season, when the top studios roll out their Oscar contenders.

HeroBlend #23: Captain Marvel Trailer Reactions, Disney's Streaming Service And Avengers 4 Teases

Welcome to HeroBlend #23! The time is now, folks. After months of waiting, we finally have the first trailer for Captain Marvel, and Eric and Adrienne are bursting at the seams to get into all the cool details that were revealed about the upcoming blockbuster!

ReelBlend Podcast #38: Captain Marvel Trailer, Life Itself Review And One Host Hates Spider-Man 2

It started on social media, when Sean O'Connell innocently called Raimi's Spidey sequel a "disappointing" movie. That turned out to be a massive pot-stirrer on Twitter. Here's how it went down.

HeroBlend #22: What’s Going On With Henry Cavill And The DCEU?

Welcome to HeroBlend #22! Some potentially major news dropped this week when we found out that Henry Cavill, the DCEU's current Superman, might be leaving his post. Well, the details are still somewhat nebulous, so Eric and Adrienne are going to break everything down for you on this episode!

ReelBlend Podcast #37: Lady Gaga, First Man Reactions And A Special Show From Toronto 2018

Even though we are 37 episodes into our weekly film-centric podcast, this is the very first time that Kevin McCarthy, Sean O'Connell and Jake Hamilton were all together, in the same room, and man, did they have an absolute blast.

HeroBlend #21: Captain Marvel First Look Reaction

Welcome to HeroBlend #21! This week, Eric and Adrienne have some exciting news to discuss, as we've finally gotten some first looks at Captain Marvel!

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