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The losses of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher and Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds were a tragic blow for Billie Lourd, the daughter of Fisher and granddaughter of Reynolds. But now the 24-year-old actress is ready to seize the day. The Scream Queens star made her first big public appearance since the deaths of her loved ones, and everything about the moment and her ensemble was remarkable. Lourd attended the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando to honor the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, as well as the upcoming announcements for The Last Jedi. She paid tribute to her late mother by wearing a gorgeous Tom Ford minidress inspired by the costume Carrie Fisher made famous as Princess Leia. Check out the dress below and continue reading for details on the look.

Billie Lourd posted the image to her Instagram to let everyone know how wonderful she felt by the outpouring of support at the event. Lourd has talked before about paying homage to Princess Leia by giving her character Chanel #3 on Scream Queens the quirky trait of wearing earmuffs all the time. But while the earmuffs bit is cute and fun, it is nowhere near the brilliance of this long-sleeve minidress. Reportedly, Lourd directly collaborated on the outfit with Tom Ford to make sure it looked just right for the event, where she delivered some lovely prepared remarks to thank her Carrie Fisher's adoring fans.

The Cady minidress came with a mock turtleneck and huge kimono sleeves, a modern take on the original Princess Leia costume. The back had a lovely keyhole design for a contemporary element to the outfit. Lourd wore strap sandals, and to execute the jaw-dropping look. She opted not to do two Leia-style buns, which could have been a little too on the nose. Instead, she left her hair down and pulled it forward in a lovely, symmetrical way.

The speech Billie Lourd delivered touched on how much Carrie Fisher, much like her Star Wars character, was not afraid to speak her mind even at the risk of making people uncomfortable. But according to Lourd, Fisher knew how much her fans loved her and she loved them right back for accepting her, flaws and all. Lourd said her mom loved creating the "force called Leia," which totally sounds like a great title for a Princess Leia spinoff. She ended the speech by mentioning powerful lessons her mother taught her over the years, saying:

The most evolved person is seemingly a contradiction. They're both the strongest and most vulnerable person in the room. And that was her. That was Leia.

Wow, Billie Lourd nailed the look and the speech! What a cool visual to see the daughter of Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher showing up in this stunning look is what takes the cake. We bet Lourd will remember this touching moment for the rest of her life.

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