The Embarrassing Way Chrissy Teigen Interacted With Beyonce At The Grammys

Chrissy on Jimmy Fallon

There are few stars quite as shiny as Beyonce. The singer/actress has been captivating music fans for decades, and she's not showing any signs of slowing down. And with her upcoming role as Nala in the live-action Lion King, Queen B will soon return to the silver screen for the first time since voicing a role in 2013's Epic. As such, most of us normal folks would likely lose our minds when trying to interact with the legend. Model/TV personality Chrissy Teigen apparently geeked out hardcore when she spoke with Bey at the Grammys. Specifically, she started speaking like an extra on Game of Thrones, with Beyonce being the Queen. She recently revealed,

On our way out I was like 'we have to say something, right?' And I took both her hands, and I don't do that with anybody. John was like 'what are you doing?'. I took her hands and I got down on my knees and was like 'sorry to bother you, my queen.' Like, who says that? It was like 'm'lady'. Like, who am I? John is bro-fiving with Jay-Z and I'm like 'Oh, m'lord'. It was so weird.

Not even a badass kween like Chrissy Teigen is free from becoming star struck. And in the grand scheme of things, there are few stars quite as bright as Beyonce's. So we can probably given the Lip Synch Battle co-host a pass this time.

Chrissy Teigen's hilarious story comes to us from her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After she and Fallon caught up and spoke about her pregnancy, the subject pivoted over to last week's Grammy Awards. Teigen and her husband John Legend left the ceremony early (partly because she couldn't drink), but Teigen was determined to interact with Beyonce. But no one expected her to go full lady-in-waiting on the singer. Whoops.

Of course, meeting Beyonce would be a similarly disarming experience for most. Because she's been in the public eye for two decades, her fame level is pretty substantial. As such, there are man fans who would be freaked out when meeting her. We'll no doubt be treated to plenty of these moments when she starts doing press for her role in The Lion King, so that's something to look forward to.

You can check out Chrissy Tiegen tell the story herself below.

This story is just the latest hilarious story to come from Chrissy Teigen. While she first came onto the scene as a model, her romance with John Legend and her personal Twitter page are probably what she's best known for nowadays. Her signature sense of humor has delighted fans, and elevated her to a larger prominence in pop culture. And with her humility showing in moments like her bizarre interaction with Beyonce, it's likely that Tiegen is going to remain pop culture royalty for quite some time.

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