Sofia Coppola Marrying Phoenix Lead Singer Thomas Mars Today In Italy

Some celebrities trade refinement and elegance at their weddings for a more natural and rustic vibe, but director Sofia Coppola has taken that idea of tradition-laced, home-spun nuptials and pushed it all the way back to the Old World. She's set to marry her longtime boyfriend Thomas Mars of the rock band Phoenix this afternoon in an Italian ceremony described as simple but beautiful by Leonardo Chiruzzi. He just happens to be the mayor of the town Coppola's great-grandfather was born in, and he'll be overseeing the festivities today in Bernalda, a town just off the Gulf of Taranto. It's located on the arch of the boot, for those of you who haven't lived in Italy.

According to the Associated Press, the guest list for the ceremony has not been made public, but Coppola's famous father Francis Ford and his wife of almost fifty years Eleanor are expected to be in attendance, along with aunt Talia Shire and friend Johnny Depp. It's one thing to spend a Saturday at a wedding in Los Angeles, but journeying to small town Italy is a real commitment.

Sofia Coppola was married once before to acclaimed fellow director Spike Jonze, but the union ended in divorce in 2003. She met Thomas Mars when he worked on the soundtrack for her film The Virgin Suicides, but they didn't become romantically involved until nearly five years later. The pair have had two daughters together, Romy and Cosima, and seem to get along great. No word on how the kids feel about the marriage, but one would imagine they're pretty pleased.

Pop Blend would like to send out its congratulations to the pair. May their marriage be as tranquil and pleasant as the location for their wedding.

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