After Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Swim Gloves Sell Out, The Star Reveals A New A+ Collaboration

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It was a hard no for me, personally, when I came across Kim Kardashian’s wild new fashion trend online: elbow-length swim gloves. However, it was seemingly a hard yes for others because the $48 gloves quickly sold out in all of the seven shades available on the SKIMS site. I wish those customers and their tan lines all the best. But in the meantime, the infamous Hulu star has revealed a newer collaboration coming to stores near you, and this one’s an A+ in my book.

The reality star-turned business mogul can now seemingly add tech collaborator to her list of accomplishments. She teamed up with Dr. Dre to do a special edition line of his Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds. Her spin on the collection was to bring in neutral colors, so of course, there’s an option for her self-proclaimed favorite color: beige. (Although, the shade is curiously called “moon” on the Beats site.) There are also two increasingly darker shades – called “dune” and “earth,” respectively – each retailed at $199.99. Check out Kim K’s post about the collab below:

In a behind-the-scenes video about beats x kim, the TV personality shared that the concept basically came about on a whim. Apparently, Kim Kardashian found the Beats Fit Pros to be a “game changer” option for her listening needs, but they just didn’t go with her workout outfits. So, she brought in an artist to custom paint her own pair, on her own dime. Then, she took the samples that were initially just “for fun” over to the Beats by Dr. Dre team, who “understood the vision right away.” Kardashian added in the clip,

I think I would just want people to understand that this is also a fashion accessory that's reusable and user friendly and it doesn't have to anything loud. It just can blend in with what you're wearing. It's kind of a statement. Whether it's music or your conversations or work life and you're running around and you have your Fit Pros in, I just feel like life is so crazy, everything else should be really simple.

Calling nude earbuds a “statement” piece is a bit of a reach, all things considered, but who better to make the vision a reality than the woman who famously designed her Hidden Hills home to be a monochromatic monk’s dwelling? The same woman who is building a billion-dollar shapewear empire off of varying shades of "sand" and "sienna," that’s who.

The mother of four is clearly busy making serious money moves. Before the muted Beats reveal and outlandish swim gloves being bought up en masse, Kim Kardashian had just launched her newly rebranded Sknn by Kim line. Again, fans will recognize the signature neutral palette at work for the array of face and body product packaging therein. Unfortunately for her, the collection was hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit shortly after coming out, but The Kardashian star's legal team is already fighting it in court.

So, business is booming for the most part. What is decidedly not booming as much is the SKIMS founder’s personal life of late. Her 9-month romance with Pete Davidson fizzled out this month, reportedly due to their conflicting schedules making things difficult. In tandem, her ex-husband Kanye West returned to Instagram upon hearing the news, and he christened the moment by roasting the ex-SNL star over the split. Kim Kardashian is allegedly not pleased about it.

Kanye West might want to reconsider being so quick to play his ex and her now-ex on social media again. It didn’t turn out so well the first time they all publicly beefed, as it resulted in West getting ousted from performing at the Grammys and from Instagram for a time. What is more is that there’s still their divorce. The rapper faced a major setback recently on that front as the judge in the case fast-tracked the trial to settle things to December 14. Reportedly, at the same hearing, West was given the deadline of September 30 to turn over his financial information that was needed months ago.

In addition to all the drama, Kim Kardashian is also juggling the filming of her family’s new reality show, The Kardashians. There were quite a few bombshells in Season 1, and Season 2 is slated to premiere on September 22 for Hulu subscribers. I’ll be watching to find out how the Kanye/Kim/Pete trifecta does or does not play out on the show itself. For now, though: yea or nay to beige beats?

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