How Kim Kardashian Reportedly Feels About Kanye West Weighing In On Her Breakup With Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian on The Kardashians; Kanye West on Keeping Up With the Kardashians; Pete Davidson on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
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When news spread that Kim Kardashian had split from boyfriend Pete Davidson after nine months, it was only natural for fans to wonder what Kanye West’s reaction would be. The rapper didn’t keep us waiting for long, as West returned to Instagram to roast the former Saturday Night Live comedian. Well, Kardashian’s latest relationship may be over, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to let her ex-husband resume the social media attacks against “Skete” that we saw in the early months of 2022.

Kanye West chimed in on the Bodies Bodies Bodies actor’s breakup from Kim Kardashian by posting a Photoshopped image of a New York Times front page with the headline, “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28.” But Ye’s throwing his two cents into the situation apparently only added to the hurt that the Kardashians star was already feeling. A source told E! News:

Kim is upset. Not only is she sad from the breakup, but this on top of it has tested her mentally. [She is] not okay with this type of behavior and won't tolerate her loved ones being treated like this.

Not only is Kim Kardashian dealing with the split, but she's now reliving what she and Pete Davidson went through in the early days of their relationship, when Kanye West declared civil war on the comedian, threatening Davidson in the lyrics to his song “Eazy.” The music video also took a shot at Davidson, as it showed claymation version of the actor being kidnapped and beheaded. The reality star apparently was quick to react to her ex-husband’s return to Instagram, as the source continued:

She has asked numerous times for him to take down the post. She will always protect Pete.

The Grammy winner did delete the image about four hours after he posted it, but I can’t imagine he was happy that his former wife was still taking the SNL alum's side post-breakup. At the height of the social media onslaught, the comedian reportedly said he found Ye’s disses of him “hilarious,” and even joked about the Kanye feud during his Netflix special Pete Davidson Presents The Best Friends. However, the rapper’s social media comments apparently caused security concerns for Davidson and his loved ones, as people were reportedly showing up at his mom’s house.

In May, Kim Kardashian had to file a restraining order against a man who reportedly sent over 30 letters to her house threatening to kill Pete Davidson. Even Machine Gun Kelly talked about getting pulled into the drama, saying the "Jesus Walks" performer's actions affected more than just his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

We’ll have to see if Kanye West has more to say on the subject, or if he’ll just continue to work on co-parenting with Kim Kardashian. It seems like fans are in for at least one more taste of the happier times between the SKIMS founder and Pete Davidson. After just making a vocal cameo in the first season of The Kardashians, the King of Staten Island star has been shown in previews for Season 2, so many will definitely be tuning in when the reality show returns to Hulu subscribers on Thursday, September 22. In the meantime, check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what other premieres are on the way. 

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