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Anne Hathaway Looks Great In A Blue Cutout Dress On The Red Carpet, But Where Did Her Bangs Go Overnight?

screenshot of Anne Hathaway from WeCrashed
(Image credit: Apple TV)

I’ll gladly admit when I’m being a celebrity social media stalker. It’s not in, like, a weird way. These interests are purely journalistic (and fun) in nature. Such as that time, for example, when Florence Pugh and Zach Braff walked the red carpet simultaneously but, gasp, just not as a couple? Well now, I have a question about Anne Hathaway. (And no, it’s not “Who, if not you, was the intended first choice for The Devil Wears Prada, Anne?”) All in all, she looked great in a blue cut-out dress at her own red carpet premiere event this week, but where exactly did her bangs go overnight?

Exhibit A: Anne Hathaway With The Fringe

We present here our first piece of evidence in the Case of the Missing Bangs. The Oscar-winning actress has been busy of late promoting WeCrashed, a new Apple TV+ series with a stacked cast that tracks the rise and fall of the infamous WeWork startup. Most notably, just five days ago, Anne Hathaway was in Austin, Texas for the show’s SXSW showcase and, as I live and breathe, she’s in the bangs that can seemingly walk on water. Check out her Instagram post here (and feel free to take notes if necessary):

Exhibit B: Anne Hathaway Without The Fringe

Now, fast forward to last Thursday night at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, where WeCrashed crashed the West Coast. The Dark Knight Rises alum walked the red carpet with fellow lead Jared Leto. (ICYMI: she managed to get Leto to break his character on-set at one point by doing a Lady Gaga House of Gucci accent imitation, which is impressive considering the lengths he’s usually willing to go to stay in said-characters). I don’t know about the ruffles and gloves going on, but Hathaway is absolutely rocking the slinky, Tiffany blue look. Except… the bangs have mysteriously vanished, as you can plainly see:

getty image wecrashed premiere

(Image credit: Albert L. Ortega / Contributor)

Alas, I’m not crazy! But I can guess what you’re probably thinking: You are crazy. She clearly had bangs for the show. She must have just brushed them behind her ears or some other cover-up technique. All of which probably makes sense for trying to achieve a one-off, signature red carpet look. 

But really though, if you scroll enough through Anne Hathaway’s Instagram feed, you’ll start to notice too that the actress toggles between bangs and no bangs with what seems like too much ease. (And yes, you’ll also find out how often she posts on real-world events that are way more important and serious than this case study.)

But I still need to know, Anne Hathaway, are the bangs really real? While I await my answer, fans can grab an Apple TV+ subscription and check out the first three episodes of WeCrashed that dropped onto the streamer's lineup of TV originals, with new episodes every Friday. Upon investigation (of a different variety), it’s giving serious 2010 The Social Network vibes…

Lauren Vanderveen
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