Armie Hammer’s Former Partner Shares Bombshell Biting Story In New House Of Hammer Documentary

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As Discovery+’s new show House of Hammer has now been unveiled, the three-part docuseries is about to show the world more details from within the Armie Hammer drama that unfolded in 2020. Even Hammer himself is reportedly “trying to prepare” for the stories that are being told in this deep dive into his personal life, as well as his family’s legacy. One of the first bombshells has hit, as former partner Courtney Vucekovich shared a biting story in the very first episode.

Courtney Vucekovich’s Relationship With Armie Hammer, And The Moment(s) She Felt The Romance Turn

House of Hammer’s debut installment, entitled “Love Bomb,” introduces the story of how entrepreneur Vucekovich and the Call Me By Your Name actor engaged in a long-distance relationship. As the Discovery+ series tells us, the two met “in passing” at a bar toward the end of 2019, which turned into a mutual following on Instagram. June of 2020 allegedly saw Armie Hammer starting to make things personal, by DM’ing Courtney Vucekovich; she says this then led to the two being in constant contact. 

Vucekovich’s story continued to unfold in July 2020, as she was taking a planned vacation out of her home state of Texas. It was over Fourth of July things really started getting "weird," as she alleged: 

For July 4th, he tells me that he was doing this road trip. He was going Miami to LA, and he’s gonna cross through Texas. And I have had plans to go into the Hamptons with some friends. It was already set, and he almost got upset with me, that I was gonna be gone when he was driving through. Somebody had my phone, they’re like, ‘Somebody named Armie has called you like 22 times.’ He sends me a picture when I’m in the Hamptons of my building in Dallas. At this point, we’ve never spent time together. So it was weird. I remember being like, ‘Are we flirting, or is this scary?’

After a month of lengthy phone conversations, and the titular love bombing that Hammer had reportedly lavished upon Courtney Vucekovich, she was candid about what happened next. 

It's been reported in the past that Hammer had been engaging in a cannibalism fetish for some time, but the entrepreneur didn't know this. The romance happened before Armie Hammer faced sexual abuse allegations, but the biggest bombshell between the two happened when he reportedly left a "bite" note for her. 

Armie Hammer's bite note from House of Hammer.

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The Moment Courtney Vucekovich Discovered Armie Hammer’s Note

While Courtney Vucekovich was on her vacation in the Hamptons, the actor actually visited her apartment in Dallas, as noted above. This development spurred a heated text conversation where she tried to get him to leave, to which he replied, “Going in. Nothing you can do to stop me.” Upon returning home, Courtney reportedly found a note (pictured above), which she discussed further along in her interview: 

I get back from New York, and he left me this note. ‘Oh, this will be a cute note.’ So I open the envelope, and and it just says, ‘I’m going to bite the fuck out of you.’ And then he autographed this note. I didn’t know how to feel about the note, you know? It was like…he talks so sweetly sometimes on the phone, just like, compliments and compliments, and then you get a note that says, ‘I’m going to bite the fuck out of you.’ As crazy as that sounds, I took it metaphorically, not literally. I thought he just wanted the intimacy, the closeness, wanted us to be together. So I chose to look at it as more flattering than concerning. When I told my friends about us talking, I left that part out. I think that says a lot.

According to House of Hammer, Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers split publicly six days after this bombshell note was read. While the full story wasn’t quite out there, it would seem that the beginning of the end of Hammer’s time in the limelight was in play. Though this isn’t where the story between Armie and Courtney Vucekovich ends, as a trip to Los Angeles became an opportune time for the two would-be love birds to finally meet, which only gave Vucekovich more stories to tell.   

Should you want to watch the entirety of the docuseries, all three episodes are now available to stream for Discovery+ subscribers. Though you might want to check out the House of Hammer trailer beforehand, in case you need a heads up as to what to fully expect. Expect a lot of bombshells of this ilk, though. 

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